Fitbit and FP3 since android 10 upgrade - bluetooth connection issues

Hi Everyone,

I am just wondering whether others are also experiencing bluetooth connection issues since the upgrade of FP3 to android 10 - especially regarding fitbit?
I use a fitbit (charge 3) and was always able to sync without issues, but since the upgrade it won’t sync anymore. I have tried removing the app, the device etc and re-installing them. My phone can find the device and identify a number to pair, but then won’t continue into the pairing and just keeps searching for an hour.

Would be great to know if anyone else has experienced the same issue and found a solution.


I also have a charge 3 running with my Fairphone 3 with Android 10 but I haven’t had any problems at all. It doesn’t seem to be a general problem. Have you checked if you can connect to other Bluetooth devices?

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Thanks for responding Jens. Yeah, I can connect to other devices, this is why I am finding it so odd. I’ll see whether I can connect my fitbit to someone else’s phone to see whether somehow (extreme coincidence) something happened there at the same time.

Does anyone else face any issues here?

I am facing the same issue with my Garmin Edge GPS since updating to Android 10 on my FP3. I tried synchronization on an FP3 + as well but could not connect.
This was also the case with a contactless payment application for public transport in my city (Paris), but this was resolved by reinstalling the application.
For my GPS, impossible despite several manipulations.

[Update] I tried to connect my GPS to another phone, a Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) which is running Android 9.
The synchronization of the GPS with the phone works perfectly. It must be a problem with the recent update of the Fairphone 3 on Android 10. Hopefully a future update will correct this very annoying problem.

Thanks for checking that. I will also see if I can find someone else with android 10 to try to connect to it - although given that Jens can even sync with a FP3 android 10, it may be an issue just some are facing.

This problem is mentioned in the topic ✏ Known bugs & problems with Android 10 as “Connecting with other devices using Bluetooth seems to fail”. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.


I was able to connect my Fitbit Versa and sync it with Android 10. The device does not seem to be conncted, but the App gets all the information, so they seem to talk to each other.
On the other hand, I have many problems with that before. After two or three days, the connection gets lost and has to be rebuild up to five times before they will speak to each other again. And all the time, the devices tell me, that they are not connected.
I get used to it right now, but it is unnerving, cause every other Bluetooth device connects without any problem.

Syncing my Versa works fine (and much better than with FP2). If it doesn’t from time to time, force stopping the Fitbit app and starting it again fixes it. [Long tap the app icon > (i) > force stop > start app again.]

I don’t know if this is due to the recent update (FP3 3.A.0054) but the synchronization between my FP3 / Garmin Connect and my Garmin GPS went without error today. The synchronization works perfectly.

I may be looking in a strange/the wrong place, but I seem to have a different version: 3.A.0033, but there is no further update available. Perhaps this is the issue?

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