Firefox klar crashes since Fairphone Open OS update 19.08.1

All is said in the title. On my Fairphone 2, i can no longer use the standard browser Firefox Klar. Since it is “native” to Android now, I cannot reinstall it either.

Reboot doesn’t help. Deactivating, reactivating brings up the welcome screen of Firefox Klar (with the tips on how to use when you first launch) but it crashes afterwards.

Any suggestions ?

Also …

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I see the same issue!
I just completely re-installed Open OS, and it didn’t crash the first time it was started.
But after leaving the phone on for a few hours, it now crashes every time I try to start it… still applies, it seems.

Here’s Fennec F-Droid …

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Hello, same here. I did a factory reset twice, and Firefox Klar only launches the first time.
There is no Firefox in F-droid, only Firefox Klar and Fennec.

  • What other browsers do you recommend on the meantime?
  • What is Fennec? (the description in F-droid is not clear to me)
  • Can I install Firefox by downloading the .apk from the website directly? Will I get a notification for updating the app if I install it this way?

Fennec F-Droid is F-Droid’s version of Firefox. They just throw some of Mozilla’s more dubious additions out as they build it, so it’s not called Firefox by them.
(However, it is called Firefox in the App itself, so if you are in doubt, it really still is Firefox.)

If you wanted to use Firefox and get it updated conveniently, Fennec F-Droid is your way to go.


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