Fingerprint unlocking debounce feature suggestion

I am not sure whether the dev would read the forum post, anyway.

Currently the fingerprint reader can response without physically click the power key.
Just put your finger on it and it will unlock automatically, which is very useful for the guys worry about the key’s life.

But the fingerprint reader’s position is very likely to trigger when one take or hold the phone,
and it always trigger repeatly in high frequency.
(I think this is the reason that auto-unlock is opt-in.)
Can we have a debounce feature for fingerprint reader?
so it would not trigger very oftenly, and fingerprint unlock will not become unavailable after a accidentally and repeatly trigger.

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Devs will not read here so you better contact support.

There is a whole thread about this issue:

The gist is, it’s a hardware problem, and apparently the FP4 isn’t supposed to do this annoying burst scanning.
Apparently normally it already has some kind of damping mechanism like you suggest…

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If necessary, follow up in the topic linked by @KurtF