Fingerprint not available

It seems like the option for using the fingerprint just completely disappeared. I noticed it on a random day, that i had to use the pin to unlock, although I changed none of the settings. At first I could still use the fingerprint to use certain apps but not to unlock my phone. I noticed the setting to activate the fingerprint disappeared and so I did a restart and also updated my phone to the newest version. But Now I can’t use the fingerprint for unlocking, nore can I use it in apps. But I couldnt find any information about it online and it seems especially weird, as it worked just fine the day before. So why was it removed or did I do something wrong?

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Could you indicate the OS version that your phone is running? Go to Settings > About phone > Build number.

I think it would also be useful to contact the official Fairphone support about this.

Also, have a look at this topic. Does the problem you are experiencing seem the same?

Yes the problem seems to be the same, the difference is that the test actually fails. It says “can not get FP sensor test service instance”.
Any idea what could cause that? I think it has something to do with the software, as the problem appeared gradually as it rebooted the phone.
My build number is: FP4.TP2G.C.0119.20240509
Should I do a full reset now? Or should I just wait as the other comment proposed?

I would contact Fairphone support and if urgent do it using the online chat

That sounds exactly like my case. Did Fairphone support help with it?

They told me some troubleshooting steps I could try but none of them helped. I think I am gonna send it in for repair although I think it is hard to repair as it is more a software issue that could take longer to solve…

Hello, same problem here. Any idea ? The mail support gave no solution.

What does support say? Nothing at all or are they offering a “repair” in France?

Nothing at all, they sent me here to look for answers !

If that is correct @Juan.Bianchi @Ioiana_Luncheon what is going on at support? That sounds nicely said weird.

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Thank you for contacting us!

The details you’ve entered in the contact form indicate that your request is about a Fairphone that you already own. Please try to find an answer in one of our 100+ Support articles or submit a new request through our Troubleshooting tool. This way, you might be able to find the answer you need and we can help you much faster.

If you are experiencing a software issue on your Fairphone 4, please check our Public Issues Tracker. We might already be aware of this and working on it.

If you haven’t found the answer or solution you need in the resources mentioned above, please reply to this email within 7 days and one of our team members will get back to you.

If your request is urgent, you can also get in touch with us via live chat, from:

10:00-16:00 (CEST) Monday-Friday.

Kind regards,

The Fairphone Team

I believe there’s some form of misunderstanding or miscommunication and I hope the FP Support can also benefit from us talking it through.

I cannot see anywhere in your message a suggestion to ask at the users forum. Instead, what is suggested is to check the support articles - available here, and/or submit a request via Troubleshooting tool. I am not 100% sure what they meant but the reasonable guess would be the website tool, or the troubleshooting via My Fairphone App.

My feeling is the issue with the vanishing fingerprint (especially if the internal tests confirm its failure) would need to be treated by the technical support, there is not much else what could be done .

My advice would be to run the tests as mentioned above and contact the Support via the online chat.

Good luck


While I’m not sure how this showed up to you, indeed thats not from a contact with a “real” support person, so def get in contact with them directly.

I’ll forward this issue to support and come back to you

As others have suggested above (thank you!), you can start by seeing if you can fix this at home yourself by reading: Troubleshoot the Fingerprint Sensor.

Otherwise, your best bet is to contact the Support team via the online chat or via email. You can access both options by going to this page, and scrolling down to the very bottom:

That’s now the “default automatic reply” when you use the support form. I just tells you to check support articles or troubleshooting tool. And in case you don’t find a solution there to again contact support (via replying to this automatic e-mail or via online chat).
I think that’s reasonable.