FP4: Fingerprint sensor not working and option missing from settings

Since a few weeks, my fingerprint sensor is not working anymore and all fingerprint options are missing from the setting, so I also cannot add or remove fingerprints. Can somebody help me?

The phone was rebooted several times and all updates are up-to-date (software, safety, google play). Software is Android 12, but also had the problem before with Android 11. Started it in safety mode, but the fingerprint sensor does not work.

I sent the phone for repairing through the Fairphone support and got it back yesterday. The test report stated that no failure was found, but the motherboard was exchanged anyways. The fingerprint sensor still does not work…

Every bit of help is welcome :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hi Janika and welcome to the community and the forum :slight_smile:

First thing to do is to check whether the sensor is functioning by following these instructions:

  • Turn the phone on and open the phone app
  • Instead of dialling a normal number, input the following: *#*#2886#*#*
  • On the FP4 MMI TEST screen, choose “MANU”.
    The device components test menu will appear.
  • Tap “FingerPrint Enroll”. Then touch the fingerprint sensor in the normal way and check the result that’s shown on the screen. Top right, you should see a picture of the slice of your skin that was scanned.
  • Tap PASS or FAIL accordingly. You will return to the test list. Go to the bottom and choose “Exit”.

If the test failed, then the phone will have to be returned, nothing else to do. But I would expect it to have passed.

The repair centre will have begun by doing a factory reset. I recommend you do the same (see how to here), so we know where we are, and then do an absolute minimum of set-up. Don’t restore a backup (yet). Just configure enough to secure the phone (pattern recommended) and then see if Fingerprint is back in the settings. If it’s not, take a screenshot of the menu
Settings > Security
and add that to your Fairphone support casefile, and let us know.


Hi Janika,

I had the same issue, but after a week or so of waiting it fixed itself.
Now the sensor works again and it also shows up in the settings.

I would wish to know why this happened and if the issue occurs again I will contact Fairphone too.
But for now I am just happy it works again.

Maybe the issue fixes itself for you too?


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