Fingerprint for apps but not screen unlock

I got the FP4 recently and I like it a lot. The only problem I have is that if I have a fingerprint registered it will unlock the screen. I’d like to have a fingerprint registered for certain apps, but not for unlocking the screen. Is there are way to disable fingerprint unlock without removing the registered fingerprint?

No, because apps do not register fingerprints on their own - instead apps can ask the user to use one of the unlock mechanisms of the device before cerain transactions are allowed. However the unlock mechanism is not just there for the app but always for the device itself.


Aw shucks, my former phone (different brand) let me use fingerprint for apps but I didn’t have to use it to unlock the screen. Thanks for answering!

Maybe this was added by the device manufacturer - Android itself does not have this feature (and I never have seen that on other devices as well) and Fairphone provides Android mostly in its original form without any customizations.

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Just to be clear, even if you register fingerprints, there’s no obligation to use the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. You can still do that with pattern, pin or password, and that method will be required in any case from time to time.

However, when waking the phone by pressing the power button, it will nonetheless attempt to read the fingerprint, unless you disable the setting: Fingerprint Unlock Behaviour. If you turn that off, then you can unlock the phone by first pressing the power button and then swiping up from the bottom of screen.

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I have fingerprint unlock behaviour disabled already, but that’s useful info.

My wanting to be able to disable fingerprint unlock but keeping a registered fingerprint is mostly out of habit. To be honest I can’t even remember the last time I needed to use my fingerprint for an app.

Just remember - this does not disable fingerprint recognition, just the first press of the power button will not unlock the device. But as soon as you touch the power button with the display activated, the fingerprint will still be recognized to unlock the phone.

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Yes indeed, that’s what I do all the time, actually.

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