Fediverse Accounts in Profil

Just checked my profile and saw you can add your Facebook, Google, Github, Twitter Accounts as associated Accounts.
As someone who enjoys the Fediverse in all its decentralized Glory, I would love to associate my Mastodon/Fediverse Accounts in my Profile as well.

TL;DR: Add the Possibility to associate Mastodon or Fediverse based Accounts in your Profile


Admittedly not directly related, but perhaps stlll of interest to you:

On your actual request, both @Ingo and myself have so far “solved” it by using the free text in our forum user profiles. I guess there’s some “added value” though in what you are seeking?


Ah I see, on the profile of others it works totally fine, but for more convenience it would be much appreciated if they just add these Networks to the list

+1 I would like this too.

Due to the fact that not even a dark theme is introduced I have there little hope

The Dark Theme which seems not to be available yet (even when the Bot states otherwise) was the root cause that I looked through my profile :smiley: