Feature request: mobile data toggle

I find it very useful to be able to turn on and off mobile data quickly - I use this when travelling to avoid/limit roaming data charges, and also to preserve battery (I still want to get phone calls and SMS so airplane mode doesn’t help). On FP2 you can’t do this (or not without a lot of clicks to enable/disable). It seems like in 5.1 it’s a vendor specific feature so it would need to be put in a Fairphone build, I think.

A widget, or having this alongside Wifi/Bluetooth toggles in the top swipe down settings would be great.


That’s definitely something that I also miss! Please post it here https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp-os-os-feature-requests/12303/35 and you have my vote!

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Done! Thanks vivia - I hadn’t spotted that thread so far :slight_smile:

I actually still have my SIM in my FP1 so I can’t test this on my FP2, but isn’t this toggle right there in the notification panel (slide from the top down)?

No it isn’t. You can toggle WiFi on/off, or you can click something that takes you to another window where the toggle is. :frowning:

Now it requieres 5 touches, on Android 4 only 3…

Ok now I entered a SIM and it takes me 4 touches. And from the lockscreen just 3.

If you tap on the SIM symbol you’ll have the toggle on top and don’t have to tap on “more settings” first.

Anyways 3, 4 or 5 touches doesn’t seem like such a big difference

It’s quite a few touches, and that only works for one SIM - I have to repeat for the second SIM! THen it’s the same long set of actions to reenable.

I’m not sure how to do this more quickly from the lockscreen - what is the workflow there?

This seems a popular feature on phones in general, and a lot of android users previously used widgets for one-click toggle, but they were removed (in more recent android) for security reasons I believe.

On the lockscreen - since you already see the notifications - the first swipe already takes you to the toggles.

So its 3-6 touches (depending on lockscreen/home screen and 1 SIM/ 2 SIMs)

  • (swipe down to view notification-panel)
  • swipe down to view toggles
  • tap the SIM symbol
  • tap the toggle on top (or tap “more settings”)
  • (toggle SIM 1)
  • (toggle SIM 2)

On Android 4 (FP1) it was 3-4 touches.

  • (unlock screen)
  • swipe down
  • tap to get to toggles
  • toggle data connection

Ah, thanks paulakreuzer! I had been doing this through settings which takes more clicks, I hadn’t used the notification panel toggles so much… Still, it’s longer than it used to be because I used to use a one click widget :slight_smile:

Me too and mine needs root, but I think there are others that don’t…?

On older Android versions there are mobile data toggle widgets that don’t need root, but on 5.* there aren’t… so for those of us who don’t want to root, we’re back on the multiple clicks :slight_smile:

When in the Quick settings, do you have this small button?

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/2/2e7a36ea061bebece1ff343bd5e0947e24ce4f2a.jpg" width=“281” height="500>

If so, you can customize the Quick Settings

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That probably comes with Google right?
I don’t have it.

I don’t have it either and I have Google.

Oh, @ben is not using an FP2. The home button looks differently and we don’t have stamina mode either.

No, the Screenshot is from a Sony. Thought that was an Android Feature. Now it seems it’s an addition by Sony. Strange!

C’mon people, this is Android:


Alternatively, there’s always GravityBox


Well, not always. :wink:

Oh my god, what a dazzling amount of choices. Can someone help in making a choice? What’s a good one and doesn’t spy on you?