Feature request: mobile data toggle

Sadly most of the widgets do not work on recent androids. If you can
recommend one which is not spyware and which works on fp2 I’d be very

Apps from F-Droid are never spyware and this one says it works on Android 4.1+

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I installed f-droid, pulled the repos, got the App list for “compatible
with your device”, nothing in there for mobile data.

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I have tested many “mobile data swich” applications and widgets from f-droid for Android 5.1, and nothing worked.
So it looks like a Fairphone effort on that matter would not be redundant.
I really would like to be able to quickly allow or not mobile data to save on 50Mb-only plan from popular provider in France.

To free some space, I would remove the light switch in the “pre-setting” drawing bottom 2nd panel. F-Droid allows to install Torchie, which allows to switch on/off the flash light from one pression on both Volume UP and Down. I find this a lot more convenient than : press power button, slide to unlock, draw your unlock shape, slide down your panel, twice, and one more pression to turn on the light…

And then, you use the light, the phone locks again, and you find yourself finger-undermining your Gorilla glass 3.0 again for 30s just to turn the damn thing off.

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Using a rooted Android on FP2, one can install BatteryFu from f-droid. It’s an application which is an easy mobile data toggle, but also much more. It allows to turn data (and/or wifi) on once in a while to poll over data connexion (for instance 2 minutes every 20 minutes). It also features a night mode to stop polling when you sleep, and quick always-on or always-off modes in addition to always-on-if-plugged…).

It’s really interesting in combination of LibreSignal for instance, to save battery life but use fully encrypted end-to-end no-metadata SMS-like messages or calls to other users of Signal softwares.

To save even more battery (and in addition to low brightness setting) I use Network from f-droid (de.mangelow.network) to have a quick access to the 2G or 3G or 4G choice, and so maintain the phone with a 2G-only connexion most of the time. It saves up to 20% of the battery.

Regarding the flash-light, to moderate my previous say, it exists a way to turn the torch feature on and off from the drawing-bottom part of the lockscreen. It’s far better than what I explained in my previous message, but still longer than what Torchie application provides. (I don’t edit my previous message, has it testimonies that current torch features are not necessarily intuitive for the moment).