Faulty 3G indicator

I’ve updated my Fairphone 2 to the latest version of Fairphone open, but I had this issue also with previous version. Before that I did not have this problem.
The problem is the following: the indicator will show the 3G symbol but there is no connection (I cannot visit a webpage, Whatsapp …).
I can solve the problem by restarting (works almost every time) or go to settings > Network and internet > SIM cards and turn off the SIM card (I have two, the second only for calling) and back on (works mostly).

This is somewhat annoying especially when you are in a hurry or have not much battery left (restarting does take a lot of power away) and are wondering:

  • if there is internet available but Fairphone Open cannot get it yet indicates 3G connected. If I restart I frequently get LTE connection.
  • if there is no internet available but Fairphone Open indicates 3G connected.

This is especially annoying when traveling by train where connection type changes all the time.

Any ideas?

It would certainly be worth informing Support about this, maybe they can correct what will be the last version :cry:

Alternatively you might look into moving to Lineage or /e/ in any case?

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