Fairphone's video that raises more questions than answers

I love this video I just saw on Fairphone’s mastodon.

Especially this part:

Some questions:

  • where did they get those cool community logo coasters?
  • why are they not using the coasters?
    • a) because they are too valuable to get dirty
    • b) because they don’t want to cover up the community logo
  • where did the lady in the gray shirt get a FP2 with a “situs inversus” (camera is on the “wrong side” - also seen in the image below, only without a camera [and the battery double-flipped])?
  • why does the guy on the right have his credit cards out?
    • a) they are in Amsterdam and the cafe doesn’t accept cash
    • b) he had trouble getting the screen of his FP2 off and had to use this trick.

Bonus Question:
What’s this part?

In the iFixit teardown Step 14 there is something in about the same color, but smaller next to the audio codec:



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