Fairphone4 : Why screen brightness become dark when landscape

I get a problem from the beginning with my FairPhone 4.
When I let the screen rotate in ladscape, for taking a photo or anything, the brightness suddenly get so dark that I cannot see anything on the screen !
I have to take my photo in a blind shot or getting the phone back in portrait…

I am alone with this problem ?
Is there a way to get a normal auto-brightness mode witout depends of the orientation of the screen / phone ?

The problem is also when I put manually the brightness to full power !

Thanks in advance for any help

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This would seem to indicate that the problem is not with the ambient light sensor, but just to be sure, did you try turning off the automatic adjustment?
Settings > Display > Adaptive brightness

I am not aware of any function that changes brightness according to device orientation.

To me, this sounds like a defect. The device is under guarantee; I recommend you report this to official Support.

Unfortunately this will probably mean that the phone will have to be sent to Fairphone for repair.

Thanks @OldRoutard

Yes, by manually I mean unset automatic.

I will check with the support…

Are you perhaps covering the light sensors in the top right corner when you hold the phone in landscape mode?


And you’re not wearing polarised glasses while taking pictures? It blocks the light from the screen while in the landscape position…


What ? :crazy_face:

Why the glass I wear may interfere withe the light given by the position of the phone ? :face_with_monocle:

I wear such glass, but I can also say that the remove of them let the screen as is, simply dark, and only in landscape !

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Support contact request opened…

Let us know what’s wrong with the phone. I was kind of shocked, when I got my first polarised glasses and the screen got dark while taking a picture in landscape mode. At that time I still had FP2…fun memories :blush:


Polarized glasses only cut off light coming with one specific polarization, which differs from phone to phone.

With my sun glasses, I have had phones badly dimmed in landscape mode only. Just turn your head on one side (to the shoulder) to check.


Just linking to the same problem on FP3+:


Had a play with my new FP4. No noticeable issue with screen brightness when rotated to landscape format here…

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I am so stupid…
I have missed this point !
Checked and checked and rechecked !!!
It is like the polarized filter from old vintage photo shot ?!
I still not have really understood for now, but I will… for sure, study this !
It is an evidence, I suppose.
The screen may have horizontal synchronization that will be just be stopped by the rotation which make them vertical and are just blocked by my sunglasses !

Sorry for the answer I gave… And @kristijan_tkalec THANKS again…


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