FP4 camera blackout in landscape during a sunny day

I’ve noticed that when I’m in camera mode and tilt my camera to take a photo during a sunny day, the entire screen blacks out. But when I tilt it to portrait , the camera screen reappears.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is it a setting issue?

Thank you.

2 Options although both do not seem to match, as either its not completly black and only dimmed or crashes irrespective of camera used

So could you elaborate a bit on OS Version installed, camera App used…

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Just being curious here: Did you use any sunglasses at this particular moment when tilting the Fairphone? :sunglasses:


Like here!?


100% this. Thank you very much. Someone linked to a post from last year on this. Doh! Sunglasses polarisation and screen in landscape mode.

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Thank you for linking to this post. Exactly this! Sunnies :sunglasses: :dark_sunglasses:


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