FP3+ screen goes black when I rotate the phone

My FP3+ screen goes black whenever I rotate my phone, for example to take pictures.
I think it might be related to the brightness cause it doesn’t happen at night, but I can’t seem to find anything in the settings related to this.
Did this happen to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to fix it?


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Is it turning all black or just extremely dark?
The ambient light sensor is to the left of the earspeaker (step 8, photo 2 – this and the following steps are not allowed under warranty) at the top end of the phone, perhaps you might be covering the sensor with your hand when turning it or when taking photos? Just speculating.


Also note this discussion which has offered another explanation – do you wear polarized glasses when it happens?


Thank you for the support, I’m embarrassed to say that I might have been wearing polarised glasses, not sure.
I will try again without glasses and see if that was the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you!!


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