Fairphone4 don´t know the simcard anymore

Over night, my fairphone 4 didn´t know the simcard anymore. But I have to travel and I really need all contacts and informations in my phone.
What is the quickest possible way to help me? Thank you for your answers!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Do you have another phone to check the SIM card ?

If you can export the contact detail to a file, so if the SIM card fails you are OK

Is this the same in both SIM slots and have you tried a safe mode start or a reset.

A factory reset is an extreme option.

The FP4 has no second physical SIM slot. The contacts should not be storedd on the SIM card, else its possible to import. Maybe ordering a cheap second prepaid SIM card is an Option or an eSIM that should be faster as might not need postage time?

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Did you try to reboot?

If after a reboot the SIM card is recognized again, it could be the same bug as I have…
Did you upgrade FairphoneOS to version A.142?

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