Fairphone3 - really big, how to carry in summer?

Just got the FP3.

Although it is shown on their website in the hand of one person, I must admit that I did not expect the look and feel would be so brick-like. If I had seen it in a shop I would not have bought it. It will not fit in a trouser pocket but sticks out 2cm.

I am lost how to carry it in summer time. Usually I do not carry a bag with me at all times. But it nobody else seems to have that problem?


No problem at all for me.

  • I don’t carry halfway large, expensive things in my trouser pockets. If it’s too warm for a jacket where I can put my stuff into closable pockets, I’ll use a backpack.
  • I still have my Fairphone 2 as a backup phone. The Fairphone 3 is about as wide and as thick as the Fairphone 2 is, it is just longer, which was a big relief for me before I bought it, because this way the size doesn’t significantly change anything for me handling the phone.

You can return it within the cool-off period, of course.
And you can find measurements of phones in the internet before you buy.


Thanks for your feedback.

So no solution for no backback days?

Yeah, I know. I guess I am too old fashioned. Probably that’s why I also have trouble to buy cloth in the web.

Other than perhaps people on the southern hemisphere, we’ll see how that is going to work out next summer, right?

I bought a case for my FP3, which makes it slightly more thick, but also more difficult to damage the screen (and less tricky to combine it with other items in coat).

I’ll have to see how it is going to work out for me in the summer. I’ll probably use some kind of pouch. Unsure which one. I bought a cheap one on Ali to try out, and if it works well I’ll report about it here.

If you really love your fairphone, you should carry it close to your heart :slight_smile:

For example in a pouch on a string/chain around your neck.

This ensures you have it quickly available if needed, you don’t miss the vibration alarm even if its silent, its out of the way without using valuable pocket-space,
and it can’t easily be stolen.

Having it in pockets, especially in trousers exposes the phone to significantly higher risks of getting stolen or damaged or lost. Also you probably don’t want such a strong source of EM radiation so close to your reproductive organs all day long. Granted no negative side effects have been proven, but … well, you know, better safe than sorry :wink:


What’s a “no backpack day”? I don’t know such a thing :slight_smile: .

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Well, its such a nice day that you decide to leave the house even without your backpack :wink:

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Doesn’t happen … and not because of a lack of nice days :slight_smile: .


Actually, that was my first thought as well.
But did you try that? Its not only the weight, it feels a bit like back in childhood days where your parents would drop you off in the train with a sign on your neck “My name is Tom and I want to go to Sydney”. Everybody is going to see who rings before you do…

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My backpack envies yours…

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I guess you want to research phone holsters.

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You are not the only one - but there are few of us who do not wish to dedicate their life to their phones and just want to use them as a tool. Which means the phone has to be convenient and fit in our life (and pants pockets :wink: and we’re not modifying our life to fit around our phone.
As you can see, everyone who says “not a problem” suggests solutions such as a “phone holster” or “adequate clothing” or a dedicated pouch.
Sadly, I have gotten mostly the same, not at all helpful responses in my thread why I will not buy a FP3.

It’s a pity, I liked the FP idea, but unless the FP4 comes out when I need a new phone, and is smaller again, I have to look for a different phone :frowning:


The great solution here is to create Capsule Corp and put ones phone in a capsule



Thats a good idea.

In the meantime - considering to send it back in earnest - I researched alternatives. Given my priorities for using the new phone as long as possible with the criteria:

  • new phone (i.e. not a used one)
  • current com standards (e.g. LTE)
  • separate battery
  • must support LineageOS or variants
  • smaller (fit in trouser pocket, e.g. <12cm x 6cm)

yielded zero results, Fairphone really is a good choice. It does not really support Lineage yet, but should soon after they manage to give out the source codes to the community (currently they violate the license). In the long term, I think its safe to assume that the fairphone will have the highest percentage of users caring about their data and highest percentage of users with long term use interests (with a bit of overlap between the two).

So it looks I will stick with FP, hoping to mature with better suited models in some far future. :wink:


Finally an answer that makes sense! :rofl:

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In Berlin, a lot of people wearing their smartphones as necklace, but for now, there is no necklace you can buy, you have to do it yourself :slight_smile:
FP3 smartphone necklace (🇩🇪 Handykette)

~120 mm x ~60 mm? You seem to want a dumbphone? Cause that does not exist with recent Android on it.


That’s without setting the battery to replaceable.

Perhaps something like Sony Xperia with SFOS would be suffice for you. They’re a bit tall though.

The screen to body ratio has increased recently (“small bezel”).

Successor of iPhone SE is expected at some point.

I don’t think it is possible to tick all the boxes as you put it right now. You’ll have to make some concessions instead. Or stick with FP1/FP2.


That was my point.

Why would a phone with the same technical data except screen size be a dumbphone?

I was like, perhaps Light Phone II, it is small.

It is basically a dumbphone with e-ink. Sigh.

I just don’t know anymore. I wager iPhone SE 2 is going to be popular. Not only because of the size, also the pricetag.

Also, I just read this review on Tweakers.net about smartphone/battery size trend in 2014 versus 2019. Recommended read.

Reason I like it, is it includes a lot of statistics. It is in Dutch, but deepl.com should allow you to translate it.