Fairphone3 (+) no Android13 update available?

Hello everyone,

I’m coming here to ask if there is any manipulation needed to access the Android13 update on my Fairphone 3+

I understood that the update should be available for all by now, actually already last august, but I’m still on Android 11 and there’s no update available/proposed



Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Where are you living, what’s your provider? Did you try without the SIM?


Hi, thank for your answer and sorry for the delay of mine,

I’m in France, my provider is RED-SFR (french provider), I’m actually changing in few days for Sosh (Orange low-cost brand)

I just tried without the sim-card and I don’t have any system update proposed

   Model: FP3
   Serial number: A209VTWB0202
   Hardware version: 3+
   Battery info: F3AC1 - 3000mAh
   Android version: 11
   Android security update: 5 august 2023
   Build Number: 8901.4A.0025.0

Not sure how it could be relevant but the developer options are on

How can the provider interfer with the update?


Because the provider has to approve it. If there are known incompatibilities with the providers net, the update will be withheld.

P.S.: But did you update your phone manually to the newest A11 security update? As 8901.4A.0025.0 doesn‘t come OTA as far as I know.


Now that I’m not sure about anything anymore, I’ll add that I leave next to the german border and frequently cross the border and then switch on a german network. But my provider is french

Hmm, I always used the system menu to accept pushed update, not sure what does the build number: user means though:

Oh, that make sense, if it didn’t work without sim, it means that I probably won’t have more luck with the new provider, right?


Well anyway, I’m not even sure the feature I hoping for would work, I would like to force a different language on a specific app

Hi Incanus,

concerning your “P.S.” - how do one do that manual update with a stock fairphone being on Android 11; do you have a proper stepbystep manual for that?

Thanks and Regards

I received the update to Android 13 once I switched to the new provider (Sosh). I guess that it was indeed my old provider (SFR-RED) that was blocking it for some reasons.

I will mark it as solved, it will bring answers to others in this case, probably not the answer one want to find :sweat_smile:



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