Fairphone3 FP3 slow charging mode changeable?


I got my FP3 a few days ago and am pleased so far.
I had to charge it and it started “charging slowly” but changed to “charging rapidly” after a couple of minutes.
However today, I wanted to charge my phone again and after an hour it had charged by 3%, still said “charging slowly” and that it will take aproximently 1 day to fully charge. I can’t imagine this being normal, as it charged at a normal speed yesterday.

I couldn’t find any options in my phone settings that would enable a fast charging mode. My charging cable is adaptive for fast charging and has all the specs listed on the FAQ site. It’s not the original charger cause they were out of stock at the time I bought the phone.

Anybody know what I am doing wrong? Should I send the phone back?


You need a charger with Quick Charge 3.0. Many very old charger have <= 1 ampere. And you need the right cable for the high current.

It has 2 amperes and was able to “charge rapidly” the last few days. Is there no option to activate the rapid charging instantly? You can’t tell me that everybody who doesn’t own the correct charger has to wait 1 day to fully charge their phone. That’s not on par with the idea of reducing waste if everybody has to buy a new charger anyway.

It’s not the charger, it’s the cable: Charging speed problems? Use USB-IF certified cables!

It is quite strange though that it did work previously and now doesn’t.

and what about that lol
now it’s back to charging rapidly wth?
I’m confused. New phone. New cable.
Is it normal that it starts charging slowly no matter what cable / charger you use?

No, it is not normal. After a few seconds slow charging it should jump in a fast mode.

Rapid Charging only works between 0 and 90 percent battery (an appropriate charger and cable assumed). The remaining 10% alway charge slowly to go easy on the battery. This is a proprietary Fairphone technology that cannot be switched on or off.

So after changing nothing my issue has been resolved.
Incase somebody searches, if the “rapid / fast charging”-mode works with the Fairphone 3 FP3 while using the Samsung EP-TA20EBE module (2.0 A / adaptive fast charging) with the matching Type C- to USB 2.0 Standard-A Cable, it does (most of the times).

Thanks for the comments!

Not my experience, rapid charging isn’t consistent, sometimes it’s rapid to 100%?