Fairphone: your service is disgraceful!

I am finally resorting to this forum, because I extremely frustrated, having gotten nowhere trying to contact you via e-mail and telephone numerous times. Customers are not allowed to speak to anyone at HQ, so I have communicated my problem numerous times to costumer service, who have passed it onto HQ. However, I have yet to get any resolution.
The problem began in October when I ordered a FP2. In addition to the cost of the phone and delivery, I received a bill from DHL for delivery and import tax. This was unexpected, and when I contacted FP employees there were also surprised, and said I should not have to pay the bill. That is where this saga began. I have been given totally contrary information from one call/e-mail to the next. I should be reimbursed for the DHL charges (as I was told by FP that I would be).
This is has been going on far too long, and is being dealt with so unprofessionally. It is a pity, because I do think that FP is trying to create a better product than the other cellphones out there. But this experience is leaving me with a very negative feeling about your company.

Why are you not contacting DHL’s customer support, as obviously they are the ones who made the mistake and not FP, so why should FP’s customer support be able to help you?

@marionharris , because it was not you who ordered the delivery of your new Fairphone, I would not pay the DHL invoice but write them to get it cancelled.

Only case where I can think that charges would be applied is if you’re purchasing from Fairphone directly and shipping to Switzerland. Fairphone will not charge VAT in those cases, but swiss customs will. The bill for this, plus a handling fee, is levied by the courier (though the charges come from the swiss government - see here). Examples of approximate prices (they will vary according to EUR-CHF exchange rate) for this have previously been posted e.g. here.

P.S. I hope Fairphone support get back to you soon - unfortunately there isn’t a lot of Fairphone staff on the community forum, so other than trying to figure out what may be going on there isn’t much that can be done here.


Because when I received the bill from DHL, I contacted FP and FP said that they would pay the bill. To me it is clear that FP should have seen this coming and that they should have a plan and policy in place which is clearly communicated to Swiss customers from the outset.

Well, unfortunately, one of the many messages I received from FP was to pay the bill and to submit the paperwork to FP and I would be reimbursed. After I followed those instructions (and paid the bill!), a FP representative responded that it was erroneous information and they wouldn’t reimburse me. I think this is unacceptable at this level of business.

So you probably paid customs duties but no shipping costs. As Switzerland is no member of the European Union (EU), this procedure sounds logically to me. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)


Well, it seems a bit more complicated than that …

… but anyway, Switzerland doesn’t take part. Swiss customers can’t hide behind not knowing.
But I can understand the customer being upset about the communication.
If the communication did happen like this, there should have been a way for Fairphone to somehow handle that case accomodatingly, review what went wrong internally and deal with it so that something like this can be prevented from happening further on.
You see what you get on the internet :slight_smile: …


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