Fairphone won´t turn on anymore

Hi All,

We just bought Fairphone 2 in my conmpany as a trial to see how it works.

Unfortunately I am quite disappointed with the phone itself and Fairphone support team. I am in charge to try the phone we have bought and to be honest I was quite excited to bring Fairphone to the company and really like the first impressions, dual sim card, battery, apps, presentation and etc…

However I started to have problems since first day.So I will describe all the problem I have/had with Fairphone2

We received the phone on the 24th of February

I started to use the phone with 2 SIMCARDS + Encrypted the phone.

Day 1-2 - Phone’s screen starts to flick randomly, I thought was just me

Day 3 - More flickering, it wasn’t me.

Day 4- The second SIM Card couldnt connect using 4G(still not understanding why). So just ordered a new SIM Card just in case, it didn’t work either :frowning:

Day 5- Gets worse still random flick, phone got frozen had take battery out and put on again to get the phone to work.

Day 6- On top of all these problems, phone starts to get error messages saying some service crash and I couldn’t do anything with the phone

Day 7-10 Phone doesn’t turn on any more, black screen. Led turns on sometimes when charging and sometimes it doesn´t. If I try to turn on, sometimes phone vibrates like if it is turning on but screen stays black all the time.

Day 7-10- I had no choice I had to give up - Contacted Fairphone Team for reimbursement maybe a replacement, I don’t know just something… NO ANSWER - Ticket was open on March 4th

Today more than 1 month later I haven´t heard a word from Fairphone Support team, they probably overloaded, yes maybe… but a company who aims to get customers using world of mouth… is definitely not doing a good job from my point of view.

Fairphone idea is amazing but is not a cheap phone to die like this after a week or so using the phone.

You know what disappoint me the most, not having one single official answer since I ask for the reimbursement of the phone.

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Have you tried to call (phone number at the very bottom of the page) Fairphone Support?

Some quick comments:
The flickering could be the result of a known bug in the automatic brightness setting. They’re still working on a permanent fix, but there is a workaround.
The software update released today addresses some memory issues that were leading to frequent crashes of the phone - this may also help with the service crash you experienced.
The phone is notoriously picky about chargers (though it seems to be better after the update). It could be that using a different charger will breathe life back in to the device.

I’m also tagging @anon48893843, as he may be able to help.

Thanks for the tip ure_lesse I didn’t see that phone a bit hidden. I am calling tomorrow let’s see what they say.

Johannes. Thanks for the comments but I am done with Fairphone, the intention was to use it for a business purpose there is no way I can justify to buy a 500€ unstable phone.

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