Fairphone updater crashes

Hi! My fairphone updater crashes (updater wurde beendet) every time I try to do the android7 update. Any suggestions to geht rid oft this problem? Thanx!

Try the following: Open the app drawer and pull the Fairphone icon onto “App info”. There, you can “force stop” and can go to “Storage” to “clear data” and “clear cache”. After that, you can start the Fairphone updater app, which will download the update once again and install it afterwards.

If the updater still does not work, you have to install the Fairphone OS manually.

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If I go to “clear data” will the phone still work (because it says everything will be deleted)? And when I take the “clear cache” button, nothing happens.

Yes, since only data related to the updater app will be deleted.

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If your prompt looks like the following picture, then you can safely click “OK” because there is no important data in the Fairphone updater. (The prompt is there to prevent you from accidentally deleting e. g. your e-mails by clearing the data of your e-mail app.)


Ok, unfortunately it didn’t work…so I’ll try the other option…

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