Fairphone Updater app missing!

hello everybody,

I am now spending more than 3 hours trying to solve my problem. Before I freak out - I try posting here. :smile:

Where can I download the Fairphone Updater app? It is NOT on my phone. I removed it because it bothered me so bad (“installing update” or “new update available” - loading and loading but not doing anything). Whatever: I never thought it would be an issue to just reinstall. Is there a way to just download the Fairphone Updater app for being able to update my phone? I want stock android or try 1.8.5 (not sure now) and I don’t have a SD card.

Thanks for helping.

How did you uninstall the updater app? Are you sure you didn’t just remove it from your home screen?

In the second case you can perform an edge swipe release your finger on the all apps symbol (circle with 6 dots in it) and then you can flick pages until you get to the updater app. To put it back on a homescreen long tap it and release it where you want it.

Since removing an app from the home screen doesn’t stop it from bothering, I really did uninstall the updater app. And yes, with some help. Forgot, how exactly. Thanks for answering, paulakreuzer. Maybe I can have your updater app? Isn’t there a way to export any app to an .apk file? Or wait! Maybe I can find the apk in the ZIP file of the OS.

I tried two different fairphoneupdater.apk out of a .ZIP file… Installing works, but I can’t open it. Device not supported. That sucks so much. ;(
My Version is 1.8 by the way. What version of the updater is the one I need?

To be honest I never looked into one of the zip files.
I believe the easiest solution for you is to do a manual update to 1.8.5:

If that works and the updater app is bothering you again you can use Autostarts to shut it up. That way you won’t run into problems when you need to use it again.

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