FairPhone UK Users Help & Info Please

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I have seen some information regarding the FairPhone on the Purism forum and I’m hoping some of you guys can help me out with the following.

  1. I see Vodafone sell the Fairphone in the UK, does anyone here use or have used a Fairphone in the UK and if so, hows that going?

  2. I hate most smartphones! My current Sony won’t even allow me to sign into the calander without a Gmail acount! This is something I want to get away from, is the Fairphone a good place to start?

  3. Can the Fairphone use other OS? And if so which ones?

  4. Does it come with it’s own apps such as a calander or is everything run around Gmail and it’s Google friends?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Unfortunately Vodafone UK sells the Fairphone 3 for which currently there is only Android software available:https://deviceguides.vodafone.co.uk/fairphone/fairphone-3-android-9-0/basic-use/select-language/

For the previous Fairphone 2 it is a different matter as can use the following OS:
Fairphone OS

Fairphone Open OS

Lineage OS (With or without Google services)

Sailfish OS

Ubuntu Touch (with or without Anbox)

/e/ OS

You don’t say which Sony model you are using currently, but provided not a network branded version and bootloader can be unlocked you may be able to use alternate OS. In view of flexibility of FP2 it still commands 150-200 GBP for pre-owned ones upon this forum dependent upon condition and whether later camera modules 12/5MP are installed.

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Thanks aspergerguy that’s great.

Hey aspergerguy,

It says under the " can I install another OS" on this page that you can have other OS on the Fairphone 3?

It says

Yes, installing alternative Operating Systems is possible, once made available.

So that means, not yet. And they are referring to the communities that need to do the actual work of porting their systems to the FP3. Don’t expect that to be finished too soon. To my knowledge, some communities haven’t even started.


If we’re talking about any “official” status (e.g. concerning LineageOS), then yes, that might be the case.

If you are halfway tech-savvy, here’s what you can do already …


You can run your own (i)calendar server such as Nextcloud and connect to it with DAVx5. Requires maintenance and a bit of setup.

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