Fairphone T-shirts and more for the community?

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Saw this at the Fairphone office:

How about a T-shirt with this visible representation of the FP ringtone on it and underneath in the Fairphone font: “Fairtone”? :wink:


How about reusable coffee cups? Reduce a little of that landfill!


Obviously with a slogan, 'Wake up with Fairphone" or something.


Oh, a new template for an audio tattoo…:laughing:


Or a Lord of the Ringtone ring with the ringtone instead of the elvish-script inscription. :wink:


Just imagine - FP rising up even more in the market to cause a major change - having other manufacturers to give in to the market shift and (slightly) change their direction/policies…
-> one to rule them all -> FAIRPHONE


…and there we are again. :rofl:


I really wonder, if there ever will be any kind of PR-stuff by Fairphone?
Was this discussed at the EFCT?
Do they even read this thread?
Will we ever know?
:wink: :yum:


I think the best PR is a working phone and a good customer support. :wink: No, we didn’t take about merchandising during #efct18


Well I talked with @lina1 a bit (Btw, I don’t know if she was aware of this topic before).
She said about once a month she is pushing new designs for t-shirts, hoodies & other goodies, but only every now and then one makes it into production.
I saw a few “prototypes”, like a t-shirt with the design posted above on it and a really cool black hoodie which just had the light blue Fairphone logo in the front.


Thanks for enlightening us, Paula. :+1: Finally at least a bit of information.


I was thinking of trying my own screen printing of a community t-shirt. I this works, I might offer my services to the community… But this is way down on my ToDo list.


Hi everyone, I didn’t know about this thread! Cool! Yes indeed I’ve been pushing for a new shirt design for long time and for other merchandize items like reusable cups, tote bags, hoodies, pencil cases, postcards. This always ends up in the backlog :frowning: It’s never a priority per-say since we are a small team. Certainly it’s good for PR but it’s better if we have our production steady and customers happier. So just to make the story short. I hear you :slight_smile: and I want new merchandise as soon as we can (I love the ringtone idea @paulakreuzer) . And I might surprise you one day when I make my dream of merchandize a reality! for now patience is key! :smiley:


Yes, please. A T shirt that says : I wanted the blue one but got the red ; ))…It s true too.No stickers, thank you. Office supplies are welcome. Agenda would be nice…Or a nice bag made from hemp, yes! Keycords are handy.Keep us informed of the progress if possible? Tx !


I think you need to attend #efct19 if it becomes true. :wink: Last year (#efct18) Fairphone gave us reusable bottles. :blush:


Quite an investment for a t-shirt (and not even likely it will sport the desired slogan). :wink:
Of course there are other good reasons to atttend the efct.:grin::blush:


Yeeeeep - meet even more FP users out there!!! :handshake: