Fairphone Support doesnt answer... even after 4,5 weeks

Sofar i have written the customer suppert three times…

first asking questions about the delivery, than about how i could cancel my order, and in the end demanding a cancel of my order, for it is not possible to cancel it myself.

so far no answer. i’ve had it. good intentions by fairphone are great, but their customer support is shit.
for 530,- thats kind of embarrassing.

i never got an update concerning the changing of their back covers to blue for most customers.
i dont care about the colour, but would have liked to be informed.
i never got an update about the 1-month-delay of my phone. just found out after checking my order on the website
thanks for not telling me anything!

i no longer want that phone. i would like to spare fairphone and myself the work and money to send the phone back and forth.
but they dont answer.

if anyone cares anylonger (i know i do):
Support ID: 91073 , 89368 , 85398
have not been answered, and would very much like to be so.
fairphone, i know what your trying to do is cool and all that, but i have lost my trust, sorry.
writing even automated emails should be just too easy.

as for everybody else, just buying a used phone saves a lot more resources than fp2…and money. so go for that instead.

quite disappointed,

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