Fairphone regurarly reboots without any visible reason


Both me and my mother have observed that our Fairphone 4 are regularly rebooting without any visible reason. I don’t remember this happening when I first got the phone in December 2021. I believe it started less than 1 year ago.

I have never seen it happen while I was actively using the phone. It only happens when the phone is not actively in use when in our pockets/bags.

I do not see the same issue being reported on the forum, is anyone experiencing the same problem?

The only “unique” thing about the way we use the phone is that we both never connected to a google account, and have been using exclusively F-Droid and Aurora-Store to install apps.


Hi and welcome to the forum but the above are contrary??

It only happens when in the pocket, is that the case?

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There are a few threads about reboot problems on the FP4. Check this one out and please continue the discussion there:

My most likely guess: It’s 5G related. Downgrading your connection to 4G might solve your problem for the time being, at the expense of 5G connectivity, evidently. Check the linked thread for instructions if you don’t know how to configure this.