Fairphone outlet store ;-) 2017

I propose a battery shop for the participants of the “European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017”. Thus we would save shipping.

What’s your opinion?


Depends on what Luc, the logistics guy says. :wink:

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There is no doubt that participants to the #efct17 will be able to obtain spare parts directly at Fairphone HQ provided we have them. Ordering a little (say two weeks) in advance will help us probably :slight_smile:


Fairphone could have them if the number of needed batteries is known. But [quote=“Douwe, post:3, topic:26123”]
say two weeks) in advance
is this timespan enough?

Is there a shopping-option to fetch them at the meeting?


@Douwe if you have one, please sell me a black-transparent back cover! I’d love to have one in spare if mine breaks! :slight_smile:

The only thing that would be great for me is a replacement for the display as I don’t want to live 3 weeks without a screen again. It “only” has the bright spot issue right now but it’s still something I want to get replaced.


I’m going to attend the efct17 and I’ll need some replacements for my FP2
Cover and battery. How can I order them in advance?


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Let’s make a list!

This post is a wiki. Everybody (who participates at the efct17) can add their wishes to the list.


Hey could you maybe ask for a Core Module for free? :blush:
Maybe they have one from a testing phone or something…
Would be great

It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Please, because 300€ for a Snapdragon-801 Module is too much…


I think you will have to join us for #efct17 and ask yourself. :wink:

I think it would be really cool but it isn’t so easy for a minor :sweat:

Slim cover --> Turquoise if possible. Second option: Coral Red

Thanks for that :wink:

@dieguich The post above is a wiki. You can edit it yourself. :smiley:

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