Fairphone OS - what is included?

Currently I use LinageOS with Gapps pico - only GServices with PlayStore is installed. (on a old Samsung Phone)

What have Fairphone OS included? - Can I uninstall maps, mail and the other not wanted google stuff or do I have to install e OS?

Does Fairphone ships any apps or it is android stock?

Hi and welcome to the forum

Fairphone install a) an app to contact them and b) a camera app specific to the FP4 (48Mpx and Wide angle) Both removable, but suggest you keep the camera for the reasons in brackets.

Otherwise FOS is a minimal Android 11 and you can de-google and remove maps etc. and you do not require a google account to set up the phone.

Here’s my efforts


sounds great. Thanks for the guide I will use that :+1:

I want to use the FairPhone OS with the camera app because Lineageos and e has always problems with camera performance.

Dont want to minimize the helpfulness of the rasp Pi guide but we have actually a guide for FP4 to debloat


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