Fairphone Open 17.07.6 (Android 6.0) release

If you haven’t done so already, you could still try tweaking CPU settings.
It may actually help.

Update: UnifiedNlp says that it won’t work, but it actually does. False alarm :slight_smile:


Mine was very slow for the first 30 minutes, an pretty hot as well. Probably some processing took place in the background. I kept it on the charger and let it do whatever it was doing. Now, 1 day later, it is as fast as before.

True the phone went back to normal! Cheers

For the first time I have problems installing FP Open OS via TWRP 3.1.1. It reports failure to verify the ZIP signature and aborts the installation process. What could I do about that?

Xposed on encrypted FP2

Like @Bergziege wrote here, for updating Xposed on an encrypted FP2, you have to install the newest version of TWRP. Unfortunately Fairphone Open 17.06.4 didn’t include a version of TWRP that can handle encrypted data, neither 17.07.6. That’s why after installing 17.07.6 the old version of TWRP is reinstalled, so may be I’ll have to go this way more often and others too. That’s why I describe it here with some links. If you did it once, it’s getting done quickly.

… via USB

  1. Enable usb debugging mode.
  2. Update TWRP 3.0.2-0 to 3.1.1-0. See Installing or upgrading TWRP using adb and fastboot point 1. to 6b including VOLUME UP at reboot. You can use the direct link form Bergziege here. And may be check the signature like described here.
  3. Use TWRP 3.1.1-0 to install xposed…sdk23-arm.zip from xdadevelopers. This version of TWRP asks for password and decrypts data so you can access the zip file on your mobile storage or encrypted sd card. Download the zip file with your FP2, shutdown, start with pressed VOLUME UP, select Install, select your zip and swipe.

… without USB

There is no need for usb connection, usb debugging, adb and fastboot if you use the twrp app. You need to give the app root access.

  1. Download the latest xposed zip from xdadevelopers (xposed…sdk23-arm.zip).
  2. Enable root access. (Similar to 1) ).
  3. Download and install the twrp app.
  4. Start the twrp app, select twrp flash, select as device FP2 and download the latest version of TWRP by clicking on download twrp. Then select your downloaded file and flash to recovery.
  5. Reboot with VOLUME UP.
  6. Select Install and install your downloaded xposed zip.

Just in case your answer was meant for me - I have the latest official TWRP version installed, but it just can’t flash the latest FPOOS zip, neither the OTA nor the MANUAL variant.

Backups of the encrypted data partition work like a charm though.

Sorry, no, my post wasn’t meant for you. But: I started my old FPOOS, downloaded FPOOS zip, clicked on it in file manager and selected the updater app. Thereby 17.07.6 was installed without problems.

You could turn off ZIP signature verification in the TWRP settings.
And if that doesn’t help you could download the ZIP again in case it is incomplete or broken.

I already did both with no success. :neutral_face:

Since I don’t trust the updater app I did the following:

  • download the manual update zip file
  • extract it and delete the line which flashes the recovery partition in the flash-for-unix.sh file so the phone can stay on the installed TWRP
  • include the new checksums of flash-for-unix.sh in the MD5SUMS and SHA256SUMS files so that the script doesn’t output a checksum error
  • boot the phone to fastboot mode and execute the altered flash-for-unix.sh

This way I achieved all that I wanted. I could have flashed all the images seperately manually but I was too lazy for that. :wink:


Surprisingly, TWRP was overwritten by flashing FPOOS 17.07.6. This doesn’t make any sense. More surprisingly, F-Droid privileged extension wasn’t restored after the upgrade although there is a script included to just accomplish that. I’m a bit confused. :dizzy_face:

Additionaly, why does Fairphone still include an outdated version of TWRP with FPOOS which is neither official nor being able to decrypt an encrypted data partition?

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Is it just me or does someone else find some apps not working or hanging for some time after starting them? (e.g. Rejseplanen, NSK app, DSB app)

maybe it is because these apps depend on GSF, but I didn’t have this problem before the FPOOS update (at least not so frequently).

No, can’t reproduce your problem with my GSF-dependent apps (e. g. DB Navigator). :neutral_face:

DB Navigator doesn’t cause such problems with me neither

To give one more data point: I successfully updated from the last Android 5 version to 17.07.6 (open version).

I have an encrypted phone but otherwise no modifications.

This is exactly my configuration, plus I have the latest official TWRP installed.

Thanks for your post! I didn’t know that Lineage works on fairphone already… Finally I got the perfect phone, fairphone + lineage os!

PS: I have used lineage for 2 days now and so far it works better than my old fairphone os

Yes, I confirm that, the FP2 with LineageOS 14.1 much less sluggish.


After reading the first few posts of this thread a couple weeks ago I decided to wait before updating the OS as users were experiencing problems. I would just like to confirm that it is safe to update it using the updater app? I currently have FPOOS 17.06.04, with no google apps installed and an encrypted sd card.

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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