Fairphone Open 17.06.4 (Android 6.0) release

Well, i guess a complete count is not possible… But if you’re not aware having installed an app for, e g., switching on the display when taking the phone out of a pocket, or waving in front of the sensor to switch it on, then probably not. I’d still be interested in CPU frequency statistics, and maybe also a screen shot from the battery tab in settings when the battery is low… CPU Spy or something like that shows statistics, and the percentage of deep sleep is important
If you’d like to go further, batter battery stats would be there way to go

Since I installed 17.06.4, the FP2 reacts very badly.
When writing text, individual letters are often displayed only after the second tip.
When you start apps, there is a latency until the app starts. Within the app, latency is also noticeable.
Have some of you experienced this?

Unsuccessful installation
My Fairphone had FP Open 17.04.0 without any “particular” applications. The update went smoothly until the point where the phone should have been usable again. After an action such as swiping up to unlock the phone froze and after a few seconds the screen with the four dots appeared for 30 seconds or so, then the system went further (so no complete boot). This means that I succeeded in entering the two SIM-PIN (with a “dots screen” in between), but it never accepted unlocking the screen.
I had a TWRP backup, and after restoring it I have my phone working again - with 17.04.0. Thank you all for your comments - I wouldn’t have done a TWRP backup if I hadn’t read all comments!


I don’t understand why applications don’t have write permission on the SD card…

Titanium backup is useless and Open camera can’t save photos on SDCard…

(I chose Storage when upgrading).

You may wanna try using the SD as extension of the internal storage. Than it smoothly combines internal storage with the SD. Great advantage also, your SD will be encrypted. Downside: you can’t take it out for use in other devices.

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This is a deal breaker… as my SD card serves as backup and passing from FP1 to FP2 (when I get too irritated with one of the two I change… :grin:)


It is not exactly a combination of the storages. I have the internal storage for app data only, which is too much.
Google could have done better here. Either a real combination (addition) of both storages, or leave it 2 accessible storages as it was before.

Both Open Camera and Titanium Backup can use the ‘storage access provider’ or however that is called. This way you can grant it access to the SD card. Took me a while to figure that out, but works like a charm now. Some apps don’t seem to support that though (e.g. I had troubles with oandbackup).

??? Where is it how does it work???

As @rkennke mentioned, it’s app dependent. Reading manuals (if available) or searching for SD card issues related to the app in question is a good start. To take the two examples mentioned above:

Open Camera FAQ

How can I save to my external SD card? - This depends on your Android version:

  • Android 5.0 onwards - The restrictions on SD cards introduced in Android 4.4 still apply, however instead you can enable "Settings/More camera controls/“Use Storage Access Framework”, and this should allow you to save to external SD cards. If when choosing a folder, you only see “Recent”, you may need to click on the three dots at the top right to open the menu, to enable showing the drives (e.g., “Show internal storage”, and hopefully you’ll see something similar for the SD card).
  • Android 6.0 - On Android 6, some devices support “Adoptable Storage” allowing you to select to use an SD card as internal storage. Note that not all devices support this, even if running Android 6. If your device doesn’t support this, or you want to instead use an SD card as “portable storage”, you’ll have to use the Storage Access Framework method as with Android 5

Titanium backup, nothing on their site, but using an internet search engine gives multiple results that suggest:
Preferences > Backup folder location > Storage Provider > Document Provider


Waou thanks! It works! I never thought to check the specific applications solutions as I thought it was OS related…

Thanks again! :raised_hands:

Did i missed anything, or there is no fp2-sibon-17.06.4-manual-userdebug.zip on the Fairphone Open Download Page?

Nope. Tweaking the URL doesn’t bring anything, neither, :frowning:

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Still I can’t change the wallpaper. It’s only my issue?

Yes. Me and my SailfishOS guys have no problems with wallpapers. THe PNG FIle need to be 1080x1920

Me too.

My context:
Flashed on FPOpen using mechanismen of plain delivered Fairphone with onboard tools
I had last update on 16.12 at beginning of 2017 via intern updater.
I added openGapps using this post: ✏ Install OpenGAPPS (Step-by-step guide)

Everything fine, battery lasted round about a day, FP2 “struggled” with highconsuming apps while charging.

Then I didn’t any update until yesterday.
Changed to 17.06.xxx

these effects appear:

  • Now I can literally watch decreasing battery on front screen
  • every minute “Google play services has stopped”
  • on “top” line the message is “google play services needs to be updated”
  • I turned FP2 off and started charging over night. But next morning it was only 21 %, I plugged in at 9 %. Battery history shows “nothing happend during night”.

tried solutions:

  • recalibrating distance sensor - did nothing
  • apps battery optimization is “all apps optimized”
  • cannot uninstall “google play services”

As I want to keep openGapps “out” for next month, I hoped it just got lost using fpOpen update, but it did not.

next steps:

  • trying backup-apps, but not so important, save my data anyway
  • will try to use TWRP to install 16.12 again using https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/dev/fp2-blobs-download-page.html
  • surprise here: current release is called 17.03 instead 17.06 - why?
  • if it works, will go same way step by step to 17.01 etc.
  • if it not works, I will start to flash / wipe FP2 entirely for clean install

Because I assume Gapps will stay with intern mechanism.

Will report later, is my first real disappointment, “regular” restarts … I got used to it.

That is the BLOBs page. Those ZIPs are not flashable.

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oh, thanks, I was still on my way to understand the technical part of my next steps.
How do I get flashable older versions?

It appears part of opengapps survive a system update (or installed apps assume it is there because it was at setup time, and freak out if it isn’t). Previously this had led to bootloops if opengapps wasn’t installed immediately after installing the FP openOS update package, as described here.

Why does this matter: I’d say there’s a fair chance that if you flash the old system without either installing opengapps or wiping your data or doing something smart that I don’t know about, you’ll still end up with a misbehaving phone. You might not run into that problem, but if you do, reflashing opengapps might solve it. If you do the latter, remember to download the latest version of opengapps for whichever android version you’re installing it (different versions for Android 5 and Android 6).
Chances are that your battery issues are related to the malfunctioning gapps installation.

Try the forum topics for the respective versions, IIRC there’s a request for a direct link for the manual install version in most of them. There is at least a direct link for 16.12, which you mentioned you were on before. You will need to use fastboot to install those images. No need for installing intermediate versions.


Replace manual with ota and you got the flashable ZIP: https://storage.googleapis.com/fairphone-updates/a3f25298-dd8e-430a-a198-2be103ae710c/fp2-sibon-16.12.0-ota-userdebug.zip

No need to flash intermediate versions neither, it is a complete release, not partial.