Fairphone Open 17.02.0 is now available

Fairphone Open 17.02.0 has been released. You can get it through the updater, or by downloading in the download section code.fairphone.com.

Fairphone Open 17.02.0 includes all the security fixes found in Fairphone OS 1.12.0.


  • Security fixes (*) (Android public security bulletin for February 2017)
  • Fix display pixel density
  • Fix regression in Access Point Name (APN) configuration


(*) Security fixes:

CVE-2014-9675, CVE-2016-8418, CVE-2016-8480, CVE-2017-0410, CVE-2017-0416, CVE-2017-0417, CVE-2017-0419, CVE-2017-0420, CVE-2017-0421, CVE-2017-0422, CVE-2017-0423, CVE-2017-0451

:warning: If your updating a modified Open OS (OpenGAPPS, Xposed, …) make sure you follow the forum’s update guide to avoid bootloops.


17.02 is available!

Installed without problems over 16.12.

Clock Bug is fixed :grinning: :+1:


same here with my usual routine (opengapps & xcode) and so far it’s looking good. Good riddance January 1970! :grinning:


I join the club: Seamless update from 16.12. Clock bug fixed - hurray ! :slight_smile:
As far as I can see at the moment the proximity sensor wakelock (battery drain) is still there.

Thanks for this update and for the bug fixes :slight_smile:

Update went without problems.

The following bug is still not solved: Display brightness takes up to 7 seconds to adjust to a readable level outside. Problem seems to be the same on 1.12.0. And I don’t see this problem mentioned within the Fairphone 2 software issue report.

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Updated from 17.01 via OTA. No problems.


Not fixed:

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No problems with the update.

Delete all data in settings, apps, all apps, fairphone updater.

17.02 installed over 17.01 without any problem. I’m just wondering, does the updater app work for open OS. I’m just using it to check the firmware after sn update. But it allways recoments to “upgrade” to Fairphone Open 16.11.

I have used the updater to update form 17.01 to 17.02
Now my updater shows 17.02 and 'Your operating system is up-to-date.


My fault. I deleted all data in “Fairphone Updater” now it works. I should have done this before asking you ;-]. Anyway question solved.


Yaaay it worked within the first trial! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
However, some personal settings were lost, like the Apps that have been idle for some time and the favourites panel (the apps you get when sliding from the right). Where is this info stored?

I had no problem to upgrade via TWRP. No Xposed or GSuite installed.

I’m a bit afraid of updating to a new version.
I installed 17.01.0 (from 16.12.0) and this was already a bit strange.

at first some facts:

  • FP2 - Fairphone Open
  • Xposed installed (Xprivacy, AFWall+, FakeGapps)
  • phone was encrypted before 17.01.0

Strange things happend while installing 17.01.0:

  • Updater was able to download the new build but it showed “Failed to copy file to /cache” after download
  • I downloaded the build manually via code page (https://code.fairphone.com/) and opened/installed it via updater
  • it showed some errors while TWRP performed the update
  • I was happy/surprised that the phone was able to start again

Now the correct/new build number of the installed version is shown (17.01.) under “About phone” menu.
The phone encryption is somehow gone. I absolutly have no idea how this works but currently I will not be aked to type in the encrytion code after turning my phone on and off.

How can I ensure that everything is fine now? I read some threads about that TWRP port for the FP2 is not working with encrypted phone but what would be the best way to proceed and go on installing 17.02.0 now?

Thanks for any advise.

If your device is modified (you flashed anything e.g. Xposed and/or encrypted) the updater usually doesn’t work. Instead you have to download the .zip and install it via TWRP (not via the updater) and re-flash all modifications in TWRP in one go before rebooting.

A more detailed description can be found in the #updateguide for modified Open OS.

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Thanks. This seems to be the way I have to go ✏ Update Guide for a modified FP Open OS (with Gapps, Xposed and more)
(including installing TWRP Community Port in advance because of the encryption)

I will let you know if everything went fine.

Currently my phone is hanging when I try to boot into TWRP (but I’m still able to boot into the OS). I hope I will be able to somehow start or install the community port of a newer TWRP release using adb/fastboot.

Installed the update via the updater, during following reboot rebooted into TWRP and installed GApps and XPosed. Worked fine with unencrypted FP2.

Perfectly up and running, 17.02 with Xposed, I flashed the zip and in the same session within TWRP also xposed v87, rebooted and it works seamlessly :slight_smile:

OTA update from 17.01 to 17.02 with OpenGApps re-install.
Seems to work fine.

Update went smooth - thanks a lot!

I updated from 16.12 with encrypted data and XPosed, but only flashed XPosed after the update (i.e. within an extra TWRP session). However, I haven’t experienced any bootloop (as I expected from other’s reports with similar setups concerning 17.01)!