Fairphone Open 16.12.0 is now available

Hi guys,

I am kinda excited because I read about the new update by accident. My FP2 shows build OS 1.10.1 as current and up to date OS… No update to 16.12.0 visible…

Any ideas?

There are two versions of Fairphone OS:

  • One with google services included by default (FPOS). This version has version numbers that currently start with 1, then the update number, and then a sub-release number. The latest is 1.10.1.
  • One without google services, for which as much as possible of the source code is released (at code.fairphone.com), and is therefore referred to as Fairphone Open OS. The version numbers follow YY-MM-release number. The December 2016 update for the Open version is therefore 16.12.0.

Typically you’ll only see updates for the version that you have currently installed. If you have 1.10.1 installed, you therefore won’t get notified of the 16.12.0 update, as it is not an update to the version you’re currently using.

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Hi Johannes and thanks for the answer. I will assume, if I will switch to the none google version. As I am pretty connected to google this is not an easy but maybe neccessary step.

Thx again!

Other than the absence of Google services, there isn’t that much difference between the two versions. More specifically, the changes in 1.10.1 were later added to 16.12.0. In general the Open version even lags behind the regular version a bit (don’t be fooled by version numbers - there’s no relation between the numbers for open and regular). So the availability of an update for the open version isn’t by itself a reason to switch (and depending on you use scenario may even make things more difficult)…

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I see at least one more important difference between the versions: TWRP - the recovery system that is only available on the open version. With TWRP one can create backups of the Fairphone fairly easy - even to the external micro-sd card.
The reason why TWRP is not found on the “closed” FP OS version is that every official android release has to adhere by big G’s gagging rules - and one of these rules is that you are not allowed to ship the system with a custom recovery.
So even if you need some google functionality using the open version of FP-OS has advantages because you are not affected by said limitations. And I see it still as a form of “political expression” not to use software that has its architecture dictated by a corporation like google.
You can always install opengapps (http://opengapps.org/) if you need to install apps from the play store or you need some google functionality.
I have gone this route myself because there are some non-open apps I use. On my phone F-Droid is the main package manager, but google play is also there. And many google services are either disabled or blocked by the firewall.


Hi @Ronny_Frenzel,
If you are thinking about living without Google, there are two threads you might want to read:
A wiki:

And a long (but interesting) discussion, with many tips and ideas:

Good luck!


Hi Chrisse, thank you a bunch!!

Also thank you a lot! I am really not enough into the open G-Apps stuff. The thing I really know is that I want to avoid Google as far as I can just because of your argument. Does anyone know a structured information on these issues (what does Google do, how can I avoid that) in german language?


Hello everyone,
Is the mirroring working on with this new version?

Recently, I am experiencing difficulties with cellular data. Sometimes, my phone will loose cellular data connectivity, in locations where I should (and used to) have good enough signal. I can still make calls and send SMS, but no internet connectivity over cellular. Switching to airplane mode and back does not help, neither does switching cellular data off and on again. A reboot brings connectivity back, but that is a hassle.

I’m on FPOpen 16.12.0. With previous versions, I didn’t have these difficulties. Not sure this is related to the update or my carrier. Is anyone else experiencing this with the latest version?

Looks like this release is indeed a bit less stable as before… I have more sudden reboots as before. Maybe the dram battery level hanging is a bit too aggressive?
There is a last_kmsg, but it’s quite corrupted. And there’s not much in it, except for an emergency remount r/o and then reboot

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Could someone upload the new wallpapers? :blush:

Do you know where they are saved?

Inside the com.fairphone.fplauncher3 package.

Transfering them to my computer…

They are companion wallpapers to the new slim cases, it seems. I personally don’t like them (the last one I like it more, though), but they should cause an interesting effect combined with the new cases.

Here them are:

New wallpapers

(2160x1920 px each)


Thank you very much, @Roboe, very appreciated!

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If I want to update my Fairphone via updater app, after rebooting I automatically get to the TWRP instead of the update being installed. If I then reboot the system nothing happens (I am back with the 16.11.0 version). I retried and had the same problem again.
What do I have to do to get the new Fairphone Open OS version?

Download the file and save it on your phone. Then boot to TWRP and install it.
If you have further issues check the #updateguide.

I’m having a new issue: can’t install new apps with this update. Well, the install goes just fine, but once I launch the app, it shows a toast message saying ~“The app is no installed”. Launching them from F-Droid crash F-Droid.
I suffered this a week ago but thought the problem was app-specific.

No logcat because I’m very pissed off today thanks to this unreliable phone.

Try to dalete chache - if it not help, try to wipe your Phone and reinstall Fairphone Open.

Well, i don’t want to be the Fairphone Advocat - many bugs are not solved till today, like the nasty
But in you case, i think, the same problem can aslo happen on another Android Smartphone.
If you decide to drive Open Source without Google Service - be ready to bring some patience and knowledge to fix some bugs.

The fastest and simplest would be a full wipe. And fresh Fairphone Open OS Installation afterwards.