Fairphone on Diaspora

Fairphone is/was active on Diaspora, but they changed pods at least once, and the last pod that I could find isn’t responding:

I suspect @Douwe can also tell us more…

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Fairphone was indeed on Diaspora. But the pod our account was on suddenly closed without any warning beforehand. It took all our posts and connections with it.

After this I tried setting up a new account, but found that federation has many issues on Diaspora and that our post where mostly reaching only a handful of people.

I then kind of concluded that my time was better spend trying to maintain existing channels to best I could, then setting up news ones.

I hope this clarifies a bit.

Just to be clear: I am a big fan and early follower of Diaspora and the ideas behind it (even ran my own pod for a while) but for the community building aims of Fairphone it just didn’t work.


That’s sad to hear.

There’s an unofficial account I’m following (fairphone@pod.geraspora.de). Do you know about it?

No, I didn’t hear about that one before. Thank you for sharing it!

Come to think of it… it would be nice to have an overview of unofficial Fairphone accounts on other networks. Like Fairphone_bcn on twitter…

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It would be nice if you guys opened another account. I remember you had many responses to your posts, and the Diaspora* audience is precisely the one interested in products like the FP.

All it would take is to choose a stable-enough pod, like joindiaspora.


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Maybe in the light of all that has happened at Facebook in 2018 interest in federated alternatives to FB is growing?

Well, at least I started playing around with Friendica a bit. Find me as ingo_fp_angel@squeet.me