Fairphone Needs Calyx OS

The fairphone should have privacy features. Calyx OS should be the default operative system. It is very private and secure and fast! It has many piracy features that i cant be bothered to write them all here. Many phones spy on their users and thats unfair. Fairphone should have Calyx.

Also. Hardware kill-switches should be in the hardware. This will ensure that no background tracking on hardware level is going on!

Thats your preference and other user have other preferences and Fairphone can hardly cooperate with all available ROM developer. So Fairphone has a collaboration with Murena and Calyx OS is available through community efforts, so the user has all options. And reg kill switches see e.g. here


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A couple of points worth considering

a) There are other topics dealing with Calyx and you can discuss it there.

b) Saying Fairphone ‘should’ twice shows you are very concerned but Fairphone will do what it can to promote Fair Trade in mineral acquisition and fairer working environments.

Fairphone was not built around a heightened sense of privacy, which can border on paranoia, and getting such a unique phone on the market with sufficient sales to continue is a huge effort.

I can’t imagine anything other that a vanilla Android would give enough users any comfort.

The Android OS has to pass 500,000 checks to be licensed. I doubt that much effort can be put to an alternate OS any time in the future.

Of course there is the e foundation, which are doing their bit officially.

Hardware switches

It’s hard enough keeping grime out of the phone already without extra switches.

It seems you are very privacy orientated, maybe you could write a topic about that, although I’m sure there are already some, which would help explain your concerns.

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@yvmuell i think Calyx because its the most similar to vanilla android. It just adds a few extra things. Plus, the user can still change os.

Please keep the discussion focused and don’t open various topics with the same comment.
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Hardware kill-switches are not an easy task. To address privacy purposes here you would also need to separate the modem from the processor and more which makes phones really expensive. Read dedicated articles about Librem phone efforts for kill-switches.

Fairphones goal from beginning on were fair sources (mining, social welfare, longer lasting products, read more in Our Mission - Fairphone) which is already a challenge and I find important as well.

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