Fairphone loses Wifi connection after approx. 10 seconds

Good morning! I use a Fairphone 2 and have just moved to a new place. However, my fairphone disconnects from the new WiFi probably every 10 seconds, and then I have to manually press the WiFi button each time again to get a WiFi connection - having a connection for only about 10 seconds each, however, makes it a bit difficult, to use the WiFi on my phone at all. I think it must be a problem with the phone as I have no problems with the WiFi on my laptop and other electronic devices. Do you have any advice how I can proceed in this case to make the WiFi connection work on my fairphone? Thanks in advance!

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This issue has been raised before.
This is one of the messages that came up in a quick search:

My FP2 doesn’t connect to the Fritz!Box router at all, but as there is a wireless router in the house it never really bothered me, not enough to try and configure the router in any case.

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Thank you so much! And apologies for not having found that previous message myself for some reason…

No problem, just hope you get your WiFi working somehow!

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