Fairphone in Japan

Just wanted to know if Fairphone 2 will work in Japan.

It will work in Japan on the 3G network of some of the providers. But you won’t be able to benefit from the Dual SIM capability, because only one SIM can be used on 3G, and the other one will then be 2G, which is not available in Japan, at least I never saw a connection on my second SIM during my visits to Japan.

Edit: Ooops, I just realized you were asking about FP2. I hope it will support two 3G connections so that Dual SIM will be working in Japan, but that’s not clear from the current specs. My experience comes from FP1 in Japan.

Enjoy your trip,

Fairphone 2 will be my first smartphone and I really don’t know very much about specifications.
Anyway, I had a look and try to compared FP2 specifications and japanese operators specifications
I think that FP2 should work with Y!Mobile thanks to the 1800(III)MHz LTE.
Can anyone confirm me ?
Thank you