Fairphone in Berlin for 4 days in September! Wanna help?

Hey community!

We’re coming to Berlin for four days at the trend show IFA at Kurfürstendamm.

After Mobile World congress this is the largest consumer electronics show in Europe. And an excellent place to talk about the issues around the production, use and waste of electronics!

We’ll be coming to Berlin with a team of Fairphoners and we’re looking for Fairphone community members to join us. We want to hang out with you, hear what you have to say and help us get the message of fairer electronics presented at the IFA.

We have a booth during these four days and will be demonstrating the Fairphone 2 to visitors of the booth. If you want to help us presenting the Fairphone and telling our story, please write here in this thread, or send an email to me at douwe@fairphone.com

But also, if you have other great ideas about how you can help support us in other ways, e.g. with transporting materials, setting up and dismantling the booth at the end, accommodation, or any other great idea, let us know.

Looking forward to meet many more of you and make this trip to Berlin as unforgettable as last time.

Liebe grüße!


Date Help needed with: Fairphoners present Volunteers
Thursday 1/9 Constructing the booth and transport of materials @douwe, @FabianH , @Katie_R @Frank67 & Nico
Friday 2/9 Talking about Fairphone and showing the Fairphone 2 to the audience @douwe, @FabianH , @Katie_R @mrchrisadams
Saturday 3/9 Talking about Fairphone and showing the Fairphone 2 to the audience @Tina, @douwe, @mikiballester @explit
Sunday 4/9 Talking about Fairphone and showing the Fairphone 2 to the audience @douwe, @FabianH, @mikiballester @Vinni
Monday 5/9 Talking about Fairphone and showing the Fairphone 2 to the audience. | At the end of the day; taking down the booth and transporting materials. @Tina, Fabian, @mikiballester Nico

When exactly will you be there? The website says “2-7 September”, which is 5 days :slight_smile: I’m interested because for my job, I will attend the Electronics Goes Green conference starting on September 6. And in the program, I noticed the Fairphone 2 will be presented at September 7. Is this part of the IFA? Or are you just combining these two events?

Dear Daniel,

Great that you want to help out! Our team will be in Berlin the whole time between 2 and 7 September.
The two events you mention are not the same, but indeed, we combine them.

I’ll contact you via email.

I’m Berliner and in town at this days. How can I help you?
Kindly, Frank

Hey Frank!

Great to hear! What would you like to do?
We need people to help us build up the stand, to talk to people passing by to explain the Fairphone 2 and the mission of the company and some hands to tear it down again at the end.
Also someone with a car who can help us with transport of materials would be really nice :slight_smile:

Would you mind sending me your email in a personal message?

Thank you!

I can help on the weekend.


Sorry, cannot help, but just to make sure: You won’t be able to provide and sell spare parts during your Berlin days, will you?

I live in Berlin, have a FP2 with Sailfish OS and might help.


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Hey @urs_lesse, to bad you can’t make it. We’ll bring a batch of spare-parts for the Fairphone 2 and sell them or use them for ad-hoc repairs.

We’ll be doing an extensive on location support workshop on Friday 2 September for everyone who has issues with the Fairphone 2.

Awesome! I’ll email you.

Cool, looking forward to meet :slight_smile:

Aw, sadly I don’t have holidays anymore at that point, otherwise a trip to Berlin would have been great.
Are there any other planned events chiseled in stone, possibly somewhere in NRW, Germany?

Not NRW, but Amsterdam… :wink:

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Hi @Douwe, are you still looking for people this coming Friday?

I’m finishing up a project on Thursday, so I’m not really able to help, but I can volunteer pretty much all day on Friday.

I’ve been living in Berlin since 2014, I’ve been working in tech and environmental sustainability for the last few years, I’ve been a Fairphone 1 and 2 user from when the initial one was launched, and I’m comfortable talking about the phone, and the subject matter.

Let me know, and I’ll send you my contact details in a personal message.


Hey Chris!

That is awesome, yes we’d be very happy if you can join us. I’ll DM you with details and we can chat about what works best for you and us.

Thank you!

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