Fairphone firmware and OS question

I commend Fairphone on their hardware and humanitarian prociples. On the flip side is the firmware and OS totally open source and binary blob free?

No it’s a Google Android offshoot, you can read about alternative OSes if you search.

See especially iodes

Have managed to largely move away from pre compiled binaries hidden in many Linux OSs by using Trisquel, am hoping to do the same on a phone platform

Nearly all of the “fully free” phones or computers still have proprietary code on them, here is some reading:

Its as close as it can be, apart from going back to a BBC Mod B - even then I’m sure there is some non essential blobs running on the ICs

There is ongoing work to mainline the FP4 kernel

But there’s so much additional firmware that’s needed. Blob-free in a phone that has to talk to cell networks, not happening any time soon.