Official Mainline Kernel Support for FP4 planned?

Recently Google and Oppo decided to develop necessary things for android and their devices and push it to the mainline Linux kernel… This makes maintaining things easier and longer lasting.

Will the fairphone company work on getting the mainline kernel to boot on their phones eventually by getting device trees and drivers for individual components into minus tree or will that come down to the community again?


Rhetorical question or would you like to ask support@fairphonedotcom :slight_smile:

This would depend on the individual component vendors e.g. Qualcomm mainlining their drivers, which hasn’t happened so far. On the other hand Google appears to be moving to mainlining their parts of Android bringing the kernels used in phones closer to upstream.

Oppo seems to pay developers to do the work.
Even when phones share the same soc, there are major differences in display, camera, ram, sensors, storage

They already added some patches to kernel. It could be used with linux kernel 5.16. Very good news :nerd_face:


And that before the phone can even be tested and gets shipped.
Looks like development will be fast

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