Fairphone financial (Leasing) Plan?

Hello Fairphone Team ,

i so want to order a new Fairphone , but i dont have about 500€ at once …
is there a opportunity to pay around 45 € Bucks per Month for 12 Months ??

Keep in Mind that most of the 10% People won´t support your Idea , but i think the 90%
People want to support you Idea , and they dont have that much of Money !!

Best Regards


I moved this topic here. The Meta category is for topics about the forum itself.

Normally you make contracts like that with your bank. They can give you better deals than FP.
Also FP does not have the manpower to bother about financial plans :frowning:

Seriously ?? Since i am a Freelancer i dont get any contracts of my Bank !!

and explain the frown emoticon please ??

… it´s pretty bad that not 1 Provider is offering a Cotract in Europe in conjunction with Fairphone2 …

Maybe you could ask the resellers for a lease, not sure if they do that. Please keep in mind this is just a users forum, we don’t make the rules.

Vireo Store, Germany
Sinndrin, Switzerland
ETC, Sweden

Actually the Phone Coop in the UK is:



thnx stefan for the Hint !! it´s very appreciated !!


thanks for the Hint !!

i will have a go at this …

…please keep in mind that i am new to the Board … what would be cool in my opinion making such a Thread a “Sticky” Thread so that everyones intrested can find it … important ??

No problem, you’re welcome. The forum has a search function for this. If all important threads would be “sticky” and “on top” all threads would be of the same importance again. The sticky thing is more for news/fp project messages, I guess. But I’m not a mod.

Trust me, if you search the forum a bit you will find that the conflicting goals of the FP2 like (price/quality/longevity/up-to-date tech/licences/…) and also leasing possibilities have been discussed here a already. Just have a look around and welcome to the forum!

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