Fairphone doesn't recognize SD card

Hi there,
about two weeks ago, my Fairphone 3 suddenly no longer recognized my 64 GB SanDisk SD card, which I had in the device since the beginning. I didn’t do any updates or anything like that at the time. It was still recognized by my PC. I reset the Fairphone to the factory settings and tried another SD card. Didn’t help anything.

Does anyone have any idea how my device can “recognize” the SD cards again?

Thanks a lot!

vor etwa zwei Wochen hatte mein Fairphone 3 auf einmal meine 64 GB SD Karte von SanDisk nicht mehr erkannt, welche ich seit Beginn in dem Gerät hatte. Ich habe keine Updates o.ä. zu der Zeit durchgeführt. Von meinem PC wurde sie weiterhin erkannt. Ich habe das Fairphone in die Werkseinstellung zurück gesetzt und auch eine andere SD Karte ausprobiert. Hat alles nicht geholfen.

Hat jemand eine Ahnung, wie mein Gerät wieder die SD-Karten “erkennen” kann?

Vielen Dank!

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First question ? Do you have the SD card set as Internal or external storage? If internal their are many cases of issues arising.

Here’s a link to the Guide on SD card use

You may find it useful using the search option using “sd card”


One result would be


Definitely an issue for customer support - you’ve tried the usual stuff (hard reset and other cards) and as none of that fixed it, this is probably a hardware issue, which is in all likelihood covered by warranty.

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After I changed the SD card from an internal to an external storage the card got recognized.
First of all I had to remove the card in the storage. I tried it a second time as an internal storage that didn’t work. Then I had to remove the card again an changed it to an external storage. Now after approximately a month it is still working.

So there was a pretty easy solution after all…


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