Fairphone community splash screen & boot animation

I made an FP community splash screen and boot animation for FP2. The splash just shows the logo, and when the animation takes over, the logo stays but it starts rotating clockwise. It’s 295px×295px and a bit more understated than the swirly blue stock FP animation.

The splash image was made with this tool; instructions about flashing the splash can also be found there. The logo came from here, of course.

The file called bootanimation.zip goes in /system/media. It has to be called bootanimation.zip to work.

Here’s a link to the zip on WeTransfer. They’ll delete it seven days from now, so if someone has a better solution for storage, please let me know.

Here’s a link to a PDF file that you can download and then rename from Community-bootanimation.pdf to Community-bootanimation.zip, and then unpack and use (hat tip to @Patrick1).


Cute! :smile: Hm, the only thing I can think of right now is Firefox Send, which you can set to last until a 100 downloads.

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Nicely made. But specifically for replacing the bootanimation.zip root access is necessary or am I mistaking?
I was on this matter once in the past giving up because of this as I did not wanted to root my device.

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Yes, I believe replacing the boot animation requires root access.

If you’re on FP Open you can enable root access, replace the file and then disable root access through the developer options - although I’m not sure if a phone with FP Open counts as ‘unrooted’ to apps that don’t play nice with root access.

Couldn’t this be copied to the right place using TWRP’s terminal, regardless of whether the installed OS is rooted or not?


I have just now tried at least to get there using TWRP’s file manager but it doesn’t look like it would even get you to the top level folder or it may just not show all folders.

After looking through once more I remembered that the system partition specifically has to be mounted. Going to TWRP -> Mount -> System (keep Mount system partition read-only unchecked of course).
Now there is full access and the bootanimation.zip can be replaced using the preferred way by the filemanager or command line.
It worked and looks nice.
IIrc I did not had TWRP installed yet back at that time when I followed this bootanim thread. So I thought rooting was the only way which I did not wanted to go just for this purpose. So I put it aside again.

  1. @WeAreFairphone on Github
  2. Here on the forum (appending “.pdf” to the filename).

I’m a bit loath to use GitHub ever since it got bought by Micro$oft… but I guess it’s the best option.

I can add the files myself but I think I need admin powers, or someone who already has access can do it. Which is preferable?

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Can always fork to the more independent GitLab.

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This is the full pack with the splash anim .img to be flashed.

If one only wants to replace the bootanimation.zip just the archive included is needed to replace the original file in /system/media.

Community-bootanimation.pdf (519.3 KB)

To get started rename the extension to .zip

I hope my action is ok for you.


Definitely - I guess this is the easiest solution.

Can’t we just give users above a certain trust level permission to upload zip files?


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