CONTEST for community boot animation

Hello all

I would like to start a contest about bootanimations for the FP.

##What is a boot animation ?

It is the image sequence which displays while your phone boots up.

IE, this is the one for the FP2 :

(actually 2 parts, an initial anim, then a looping “loading” text)

It looks very classy and professional, but I would like to know if there are some artists among you who would like to make a more creative-looking one, a community boot animation.
Let’s start a contest, and we could even suggest FP to use the best one for the open-source OS !

For ideas, you can have a look at this gallery

Technically, it’s a zip file gathering a sequence of png images. You can extract the current one from your phone, the file is /system/media/

I can support you with tech advice on how to create the file from your images.

Here’s the technical specs of the current images. There are 57 of them.

Complete name                            : 00001.png
Format                                   : PNG
Format/Info                              : Portable Network Graphic
File size                                : 46.4 KiB

Format                                   : PNG
Format/Info                              : Portable Network Graphic
Width                                    : 540 pixels
Height                                   : 960 pixels
Bit depth                                : 32 bits
Compression mode                         : Lossless
Stream size                              : 46.4 KiB (100%)

Here’s my take on it!

If nothing else, it was fun to do Fairphone Fan Art. :slight_smile:


@jaymanu - Excellent idea. Even if this wasn’t suggested as an ‘offical’ idea for the open-source OS, hopefully someone will provide easy to follow instructions for anyone that wasn’t to switch bootanimations themselves.

@Jonnydark - really like that! :smiley:

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Well, I am suggesting it :slight_smile:
I believe you need root to replace your bootanimation, could someone without root confirm this ?

Some tries, by shamelessly ripping frames from an official Fairphone Youtube channel video :


Walking phone

Lucky cat


I liked their homepage some time ago where you could see the disassembling of the phone while scrolling down the web page. I guess this would be my favorite boot animation. Maybe they do us a favor and provide us with a small selection of such anims and a custom option to switch between them :wink:


Did that disappear from the website ?

Yes as it seems. I cannot call it up with all my links I still have from back in 2015.

With almost every sells/status update the webpage was slightly modified and updated. Unfortunately I forgot to save it for offline browsing.

It showed a background motion while scrolling the page up or down where the phone was dis/assembled in a detailed form of 3d exploded assembly drawing view. Very nice made as I think.


Exactly, I looked for this a few days ago as I wanted to create this boot-animation too :smiley: Unfortunately, I didn’t find it neither.

Did you check the FP youtube channel ? I think some videos there include illustrative animations looking like what you are describing.

I had the same idea but at a quick glance this morning I didn’t find the animation in any video.

Sorry for the late reply (took some searching) but that scroll to assemble the phone animation is actually based on a series of jpg images - and those are still on the server:

Edit: for those on linux/unix:
wget -r --no-parent -nH --cut-dirs=4


I made three bootanimes (slow/middle/fast) from those:

Here is the fast one in gif:

The middle one contains two times more images, so it is two time slower.

The slow one contains four times more images, so it is four time slower. And really too slow for the Fairphone2, you can’t even go to half of it before the phone is on.

I put all the material I used in each folder, but you just need to download the you want.


I love Windows Mobile, because he says “good bye” when you Switch it of.
Would that be an Idea, I think it would be very kind if my FP2 would say: good by Ben.

Or What’s about a own Text? Or diverert Text to choose.
Hey Stopp don’t leave me alone.
Goodnight Douwe, sleep well.
Charles, do not forget your Meeting Tomorrow by 9:15. :wink:

May i’m wrong, but I don’t think so.
Our FPs, becomes a friend to us, may be we had another Phone we never would give away, like me and my Moto X.
Do you have the same experience?
Best open a new Thread to talk about: me and my FP.

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Or may be just the half of it.
If you switch it on, the Phone will be assembled, by switching off the phone disassembled.
At the end of the Animation you would get a Hello username or a good by username: e.g. Hello Ben, good bye Ben.

PS. By booting e.g. Pic 140-410 see NicoM’s post Website.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think we can set a “switch off” animation. :-/

But some Android Smartphones has one.
May be you could find it out.

Yes you can create “switch off” animation.

Along “” file in /system/media, create a “”.
They share the same format, only the name is different.

Though, the phone doesnt need much time to power off, so I’m not sure you could have time to enjoy a long animation, but a static pic with Good Bye Ben might work.


Maybe a pic of s disassembled FP, change to a good by text with a black background.

I will try something when I’m back home😉

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