Fairphone community in Scotland?

Hi Everyone. I’m a new Fairphone owner but long-time admirer. (My Samsung lasted 8 years before it finally gave up and I had the excuse to upgrade to a better-designed Fairphone.

I’ve done a Fairphone mining workshop with teachers before and would be keen to set up a Scottish community. I’m based in Stonehaven in the North East.

Let me know if you’re up for it.



That’s great! Welcome to our community. :hugs:

I have already added you to our list of local communities – which of course doesn’t mean you have any obligations now, but it helps people to find your call later. We used to have a Fairphone Angel in Forres, but I think he withdrew a while ago.

From my own experience with the Fairphone Community Aachen, let me just wish you some stamina :wink: Sometimes people will only join you quite a while after first noticing your call.


Thanks very much. There’s no rush and I know that these things tend to happen organically. Once Covid is less restrictive there are some great community groups and spaces around here that we can use.

Last year I held an event to highlight plastic pollution on our coastline and lots of groups came ‘out of the woodwork’ to work together. I think the same could happen with Fairphone here.

It’s amazing how students especially are so aware of fair trade practices when it comes to food, cotton, footballs but are blissfully unaware of mobile technologies’ impact.

Bring on the Scottish Fairphone Revolution!!



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