🇫🇮 🇬🇧 Fairphone community in Finland?


I got the Fairphone 3 one week ago and would like to share experiences with it and also get help for your experiences with reseller (Elisa seems to be the only one selling it but the shop sellers don’t know/care about it).




Hi Clement,

Welcome to the forum. This is the right place for your intentions. Have fun finding and reading through plenty of informative and interesting topics.
Your contribution is welcome.

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Hi Clem!

I’m from Finland too and I tried looking for an Elisa shop that would physically have a FP3 in store but couldn’t seem to find any, which is a shame! Luckily I’ve had the best experiences with the Fairphone online shop so ordering spare parts hasn’t really been a problem. :+)


Hello !

Yes i tried also but they don’t seems to show as only few people wants to see it. But also few people knows about it. I hope it will change. Since how long do you have your Fairphone ? Are you in Helsinki ?

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I’ve been a FP owner since 2015. I had the FP2 for nearly 5 years and then upgraded to FP3 some time ago. I too think it would be great if it had some more visibility in Finland! Personally I’ve been praising FP and it’s mission for ages but word-of-mouth can only do so much! And no, I’m located in Tampere.

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