Fairphone charger bad fit/does not charge


Just recieved the fairphone charger because i was having issues with my charger I have laying around at home.

The charger does not really seem to fit. I have to push it quite hard before the phone says its charging. That shouldnt be so i am guessing?

And even if the phone says its charging (the battery in the top gets this lightning thingie) It keeps on the same % for a loooong time. What could be wrong?

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It’s the original charger you ordered from the Fairphone shop: Fairphone 3 - USB Charger (EU) | Fairphone ?

And where exactly do you have to push it? Sounds to me like DOA, and therefore a warranty case.

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Thank you!

Yes, it is the original charger. It charges other phones, so I dont think its DOA. I have to push it (with some moderate force) into the charger port of my fairphone.

Then you are talking about a cable, not the charger, as that has no direct contact to the phone.
Are you using a bumper, case or something else?


My bad! Its the cable form the fairphone webshop.

Im using a bumper, but I already took that off. Even then i have to push it in quite hard.

Then I guess there is a problem either with the cable or the USB port of your phone. I would cross check the cable with a different phone and the FP3 with a different cable.


Have you had a look inside of the USB port? If the phone isn’t new, it can collect dust and lint in there. If this is the case, then I’d try to clean it out carefully with alcohol, and some narrow soft tool. I personally find that a toothpick and some cotton can help.


If it turns out to be the phone’s usb port and you do clean it, check out my effort to keep it clean.

The cable works with other phones, the FP3 not so good with other chargers/cables, thats why i bought an offical one :slight_smile:

Will deff try cleaning the port. Still does not explains why i have to push so hard I think

If there’s a fair amount of debris them yes you will have to push it aside, if it’s grime or fabric it will take a bit of cleaning5665b624ba30639ce342ccdc7387c9a884643846_2_690x296

Tried cleaning it, charger now fits a bit better, but still does not seem to be charging. Has been on 47% for about half an hour now.

Saying it fits better sounds like you may still have debris. The phone uses the Quallcom Quick charge if you have a suitable cable. The cable may work in another phone that doesn’t need the QQC3 but then not in the Fairphone. So it still could be debris in either or both the USBC cable and the phone port.

Be careful as you clean either, the contacts are a little fragile to poking with a needle.

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