Fairphone calendar app upstream syncing problem with GoogleCalendar

Continuing the discussion from Calendar appointments disapear by themselves:

There seems to be a problem using Google Calendar with the Fairphone’s standard Calendar app. Several people (using FP OS 1.6) reported that entries made on their Fairphone are not synced upstream to their Google Calendar(s).

a) Can anyone who’s already on 1.8 confirm if the problem is occurring there as well?
b) Anyone else like @Ian_Wood also having problems syncing locally, via USB? This should be a different problem, IMO, but I might be mistaken.

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Hi, I am getting the same problem. Actually my Google account in the phone does not recognise anymore my calendar. A couple of days ago I installed the new version of Google calendar app linked by @ddewit but also did not recognise my calendar. I removed my goggle account, waited 24 hours and added again but still my android Google account is not recognising Google calendar.
Any other tips?

For the record: as of March 17th, the app works again. I can sync both ways again with the FP calendar, without even trying the official Google Calendar app in between.

While it is annoying that it happened in the first place, that’s shiny. :partly_sunny: :sunny: