Fairphone 5 warranty terms

has anyone seen the terms of the Fairphone 5 warranty and extended warranty yet? They seem to be not listed yet on the website All legal documents at Fairphone Legal Hub. I’m interested if there are any notable differences from the Fairphone 4 warranty? Especially since I really want to buy a FP5, but only if I can use it with a google-free android of my choice.

You can use the FP4 with any software of your choice, it doesn’t void the warranty. You only have to revert it to the original software before shipping to make sure, the fault is not caused by the software.

So I guess that won’t be different for the FP5.


That sounds good! However, no official sources yet, right?

For the FP5 not, for the FP4 that was discussed here already, need to search for it.


I’ve already checked the legal documents for FP4, it says exactly what you mentioned earlier:

5.1.3 If You are running a different operating system on Your Product and want Your Product to be covered by this Warranty, We will require You to revert back to the software embedded in the Product at purchase. […]
(Our Warranties for the Fairphone Devices and their accompanying accessories and spare parts - Fairphone)

However, I’ll probably need to hold off my purchase until this is confirmed for Fairphone 5 as well - to be safe.

Similar question: What if I lock my bootloader by accident, what are the chances I can get it unlocked by Fairphone for not more than a reasonable fee like it was possible with Fairphone 4?


I guess you should contact support for questions like that, as we here in the user forum can only give answers that are not bullet proof.


Thats the most “official” I remember we ever had in the forum “recently”


Thank you all so far :slight_smile: I’ll keep waiting for anything official for the Fairphone 5, e.g. the legal document on the All legal documents at Fairphone Legal Hub page, and I’ll post here if I find something new. If anyone else discovers official information of that, I’d also appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Well, indeed it’s a bit lacking to let people preorder a phone with a checkmark besides a 5-year warranty but no link to that warranty and no further explanation whatsoever.
I guess, that it’s in fact along the lines of the FP4 extended warranty.
Still, when making something available for pre-order the toc should be already up and running; an not just that registering is mandatory for extended warranty. :wink:


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