Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

I’ve gone for rowan. My other option would have been elm, but I feel this could turn out better :slight_smile:

UPDATE: This case turned out to be a waste of time:) … it fits perfectly, but even though the description says “extremely sturdy”, it’s very light and thin, and I don’t believe it would absorb a strong impact.

That’s badly true! the FP5 protection case doesnt do the job at all - specially in combination with the ultra smooth/slippery screen protector !!! it’s really a thread for your device: if you put it screenside down on a table: if there is a minimal inclination of the surface your FP5 starts moving on the table untill it fals over its edge, even without any vibration - that isn’t sustainable at all !!
Pleaaase ! reconstruct the protection case asap, in a way that it can PROTECT specially the edges of the display !
I am shure, most of the Fairphoners priorize sustainability higher ththan a “sxy” slim line case silhouette, right?


Hello @Dezponia , greets from Germany. I ordered it as well and I got it in my inbox yesterday. First impression: It fits good but you have to pay attention when pressing it in or when taking it off the case again. Since it is made of wood it isn’t really flexible. Another small downsize is, that the hole for the USB-C is somewhat out of the center. It’s not a big problem, since my original FP Powerline connector can be plugged in without problems. I also had the original FP Case ordered when I got my FP5 and although it fits well in my hands I didn’t wanted to think about the moment when it falls down the very first time.
The wooden box has a fantastic warm feeling and the ELM structure and color is amazing.
To be honest, I don’t believe that the case will survive a crash on the ground without damages, but the phone should remain alive not only due to its much better fixed position.

Regards Harald.


Also, even if the wood splinters, you can easily glue it.

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You are right, @Dryhte . Literally I already had to glue it since the small edge in the upper right corner got a small break. This happened while taking the phone the second time out of the case when I obviously put a little too much force on it. Good to know, The case is a three piece unit, its back and two (perfectly) glued parts for the top and the bottom. The side frames for the left and right and the back side are from one piece of wood.


I got my Bark Rowan wood case today. Feeling is quite nice and great to hold. Has a nice grip. Mine fits perfectly, no off centered holes. No separation or crack. My FP5 slid in easily but did not try to remove it again. Too perfect to hold for me :sweat_smile:


Hello @NimKorko , good to hear that you are also happy with the wood case. As I wrote in my post, my case was also perfect without any cracks when I got it. It was my fault when I took the FP5 a second time off the case with somewhat too much force at the upper right edge.
I wish you a long and perfect usage of the case. By the way, the smell of the wood is amazing.

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My experience with my purchases: I bought this no name silicone case from Amazon Germany: https://www.amazon.de/Fitudoos-Schutzhülle-Hochwertiges-Handyhülle-Transparent/dp/B0CHVRV5R3 and this Brotect display and camera protector from Ebay Germany: 3x BROTECT Panzerglasfolie für Fairphone 5 (Display+Kamera) Schutz Glas Folie | eBay

Really detest buying from either platform, but I needed the things very quickly. The silicone case is nothing special, but it does its job very well and is very transparent. With the screen protector you can choose “1”, because that’s actually already a pack of 3 (3x screen and 3x three camera protectors), which gives a lot of confidence when mounting it. The camera protectors are great, but the screen protector is too big so that air bubbles come in especially through the edges. I had to carefully (because it’s actually thin, bendy glass) cut some material at the edges away with a sharp pair of scissors. So far satisfied with everything.

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The Brotect Air Glass isnt recomandable as mentioned here, although mine fit good on the screen.

I received this as replacement, however this were too long. I will receive another repalcement after they adjusted the size now…to be continued :upside_down_face:

Well, so far mine didn’t move. Let’s see…

@Harald_Eisenreich @NimKorko
Thanks for your impressions :slight_smile:
Could one of you post a few pictures of the phone in the case?

I’m also considering getting the case. One question I still have is how much thickness the case adds to the phone. Like does it feel even more chonky than the phone itself? Or is the added thickness negligible or offset by how much easier it is to grip?

It added some bulkiness to it, but the grip and feel of the phone when you hold it, are so comfortable.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

How is the side profile of the case? Does it actually protect the screen or is it flush with the screen?

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Hi and thanks everyone for the many suggestions provided on this post.
I’m now also looking forward an alternative as I don’t feel the ‘official’ case is protective enough, sadly I came to this realisation only now and I guess I’ve missed the 14 days-return-policy of a few days only: can I request it nonetheless, given the product doesn’t actually respect its advertised features (“protective”) as repeatedly noted in this post? Does anyone in the community have experience with a similar return request?
I don’t mean any offense to Fairphone, I actually love the project and most of their products, but this FP5 case issue has been a not-very-fair point for me…

That said: I’m now looking for a robust case which can also easily cover the cameras, as I don’t use it often and they’re very exposed, and I don’t see any case mentioned in this post having such a feature. Am I wrong? If I am, apologies but please point me at it again, otherwise any fitting suggestion?
Ideally, I’d like to have a flipcase with a ring holder (another combination I didn’t find here and online for the FP5), so I’ll go well with a flipcase without the camera-window but with the ability to be 90° rotated on the case in order to vertically take pictures. Does anyone have any other possible solution for these requirements?

Thanks everyone again and moreover to those who can help me further in this search! :seedling:

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It’s about 1mm or a little more higher than the screen.

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The height of the hole for the camera lenses is approximately the same as for the screen, somewhat around one Millimeter.
Greets Harald.


I would try. Given I’ve broken my screen protector due to the lack of protection offered by the case, I’ve claimed to be reimbursed of both and they agreed. However I was in the 14 days period. They might be comprehensive. They have a nice customer service, but they also are a company, they have internal rules, you might be lucky or not.

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Just ordered my FP5. Will there be an outdoor case for the fp5 ? Something like the Otterbox defender cases would be cool.

Hi and welcome, moved your post here, have a look above ,although I think the short answer is no, or “only” for self-3D Print

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