Fairphone 5 Protective Case - needed/Alternatives?

I have ordered a sky-blue option which was marked as one with the longest waiting time, so at the moment I don’t have a phone nor the case yet.
Will be happy to report once I have them.
Belsimpel suggested 3 October as the ETA for the case.

There are already transparent cases available:


Yeah they’re mostly chinese manufacturers shipping them from China. Not dispatched by amazon (yet)
Might as well order it directly from Aliexpress for half the price with a screen glass protector.
It’s a bit weird to order from aliexpress when buying a Fairphone ^^


In my case, I acquired a fitBag sleeve. You specify the phone model while ordering it, so it fits perfectly. It protects the phone and its screen while I store it in a pocker or a fanny bag and allows me to use it bare. I also use it as a small mat while putting the phone on a table.

I bought it directly from their webpage: Custom tailored phone tablet and laptop sleeves


The left one is not a original FP5 Case, isn´t it? Because if I go to the shop of FP you only find a green, a black and a ligh blue version.
At the moment I have put the FP5 in a case of an FP4 and it is more protected than yours on the left side. I am waiting for my FP5 Case after this I could give also a feedback on this.

When you look at this video black isnt deep black so I guess it is the original case

That’s how my phone is protected, too, but by a sleeve from Flat Design:

Worked well for my FP2 for about 3 years, now it has some holes and got a bit smaller at the upper end, but the phone looks almost as new - and this is what I expect for my FP5 with such a sleeve, too.


Hmmm… I actually have an idea. I could modify my Fairphone socks to use it as protective sleeve - what do you think? :joy::joy::joy:


Perfect! Until the sleeve for my new phone will have arrived I’m using a glove. I’m optimistic that the actual sleeve will free up the glove before temperatures require me to use it :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure how relevant that is as phone pouches/sleeves are not difficult to find (even customised ones), not to mention socks and/or gloves :wink: but there is a lady in Portugal who also does that, and I find her products pretty cute


Finally, there is one extra store planning to deliver dedicated FP5 cases, and FP4 ones got a good review here

The store got the dimensions for FP5 totally off though

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i liked the FP4 native case that it had kind of more elevated higher borders ridges around the phone. when scrolling up down, this helped to slide the finger exactly vertically.

the FP5 original case has very flat barely protuding edges above the surface of the actual display glass. i find this very bothering.

also that the FP5 itself kind of pops and peels itself out of the case every now and then during daily use, mechanical tear and wear. i miss those edges and that the fairphone used to settle deeper into the depth of the case.

what do you guys think? thanks.

I think that’s also a matter of taste, at least to some extent. I know lots of people who prefer it as slim and sleek as possible, as they don’t want a case that adds much to the phone, instead they want it to give most of the feeling of having the phone without a case. So I guess, you can’t objectively say how the perfect case should be. In other words, you can’t make it right for everyone.

That said, I also prefer bigger cases as I value best protection over slim and sleek design, and while the original FP5 case is okay to me, I’ll keep my eyes open for a bigger case as a replacement when this one shows wear :slight_smile:

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Following up my own answer,
Amazon.fr started Listing items with Prime delivery for the FF5, so it looks like the chinese products finally ended up in Amazon’s warehouses.

I’ll order one (10€ + glass protection) and report there.

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I’ll wait until there are some non-amazon options, as Amazon is not an option to me. But I’m sure some smaller retailers will also add FP5 cases to their portfolio, and there will be probably some manufacturers as well that allow direct ordering. And maybe we even get some fair products and not just china sweatshop ware at some point.

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There is already a list of resellers made by users of this forum.

I second your point. However, i’ve droped and dented my FP5 two times in 5 days already so i’d like to get a clear cover ASAP ^^"

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For your information, I asked BARK SWEDEN when they will be able to sell FP5 wood cases and they replied as follows:

In October we will get a Fairphone to test the new case on. For us it is important that we make a wooden case that fits perfectly.
We will gather all requests for this case, yous as well of course and write to you when this case is available to order.



Great - they make lovely cases. (I did have to widen the area around the USB port a bit for my bigger cables to fit, but since it’s wood that’s easy peasy).


Found this today: https://amzn.eu/d/hRcV3UC